Friday, November 11, 2011

Decision is Made

It might seem quick but since October 21 I have spent practically every hour at home on the internet reading blogs, reading forums, asking questions, emailing my questions to people on the road, looking at different RVs for sale late into the early morning hours (1am-3am) on a daily basis. Then asking local people that I know that RV part time about their experiences, getting sometimes new but a lot of the same consistent answers. After this intense research, reading how people got started RVing fulltime, their why's and what happens when you are tired of RVing. Then going over my financial analysis and making sure my finances can support life on the road. I spent not even thinking about RVing, nor looking what Class A or C was for sale. Thus the later than normal blog post tonight.

I spent most of my day-off from work today, looking at different SUV's for sale. Finding out what my vehicles are worth for putting them up for sale. I read my usual large amounts of sports news, took a nap, walked the hounds longer than normal. Then after watching my favorite college team play their first basketball game of the season, I sat outside in the cold on a bright clear night, just enjoying what was around me. It was beautiful outside.

Still not thinking about any plans, not a thought on what RV to buy and no urge to read any thing about RV's tonight, just enjoying the environment around me. Not thinking about RV's ....  THAT surprised me, because that is ALL I have been thinking about since October 21.  For those just reading this blog....I had this urge to sell everything and hit the road this past April 2011, then came up with every justifiable excuse not to do it and  talked myself out of it.

Then late tonight, totally unexpected I had a feeling of a lot of relief knowing in detail what I was going to do. No doubts, no questions, just a really good and exciting feeling on what I really wanted and how I was going to do it.

The decision came to me and it was quite clear.

1.  Put the house up for sale immediately, I'll be getting signage Saturday morning and putting it up for all to see.
2.  Downsize my 2 cars and 1 old truck to just 1 vehicle that will be used until I leave.
3. Start listing things I want to sell on Craig's list hopefully all by the following week, November 18.
4. Spend this weekend sorting what goes to Goodwill and what gets thrown away and by Sunday drop it off at the Goodwill.
5. Write my departure date in BIG font on my white board right above my desk.
6. Work fast on downsizing / simplifying my things.
7. Upon sale of the house, by an RV for cash
8. If house is not sold 1 month before that date, rent it out  (good local rental market)
9. If house is rented, use part of my savings and the funds from selling my vehicles to buy an RV for cash.

I will be working fast on sorting and moving stuff I no longer need and in some cases have not used in YEARS!! Based on my past experience, once I make a decision, I work fast on what needs to be done and things happen fast to make my decision happen.

This is going to be fun!!


  1. First of all...GO IU.

    Second congratulations on reaching a decision, hope it all come together quickly.

  2. I just stumbled in at the right moment. How terrific that it all crystalized in such a way, given enough research and some downtime.