Friday, November 25, 2011

Too Complicated??

Maybe I am making this process way too complicated. Anyone agree? I look at these smaller Class C's and know I could live in one of those. I look at my hounds when we are inside at my house, they DON'T do a lot but sleep....some play time but mostly .... sleep. On a couch, their dog chair, their dog bed or a pile of blankets. None of those take a lot of space and are already in a smaller Class C or can be put on the floor.  (pile of blankets and dog bed).

I think that is something to think about for tomorrow around my football games and preparing for snow flurries on Sunday night.

Let me know what you think, all comments are welcome....but really, this RV decision process just shouldn't be that complicated in my opinion.


  1. Depends if you need a lot of outside storage, I think the A's have a basement. All the books I read said the C's are a safer vehicle to drive.
    I don't think its complicated, you just have not found "the one".

  2. :) I know what you mean about "the one"....I know it will hit me when I find it. It was still a fun day looking around in Indy. Glad to see someone else is up at this hour of the day, even with the time difference.

  3. Both have their advantages....we looked for almost 2 years online and in person. Finally settled on a 34' class A. We use every bit of the's very comfortable. U can't park in ur family's driveway easily if u visit family a lot--we're fortunate in that the one family member we visit regularly in PA does have a driveway that accommodates ours. It's so nice to be able to have breakfast together and enjoy each other's company and then retreat to ur own little paradise. I've often thought that if it was just me and my canine companion I would go for a "c" because I think it would be easier for just me to handle...but this is just the right size for my husband and me. U will enjoy life so much once u get on the road...whole different life! Good luck with ur choice.

  4. You can get decent basement storage in a C as well as an A. My C is an older unit, so the front seats actually turn around. I have the passenger seat turned now for extra seating. Turning the drivers side seat is not necessary for me right now though. Some people make a platform for their dogs to lay on by using a big board, covered in carpeting & put that across the front seats for their dogs to lay on. Some people drop the dinette in the bed position for their dogs. Some just let theirs hang on the bed or floor. So I'd probably say that you can get both in an A or a C.
    Here is an example of a C with basement storage:

    Or the big boy, the Endura --yikes, I want!:

  5. Yes the newer Class C's have basement storage now to. And like TexCyn said they seats swivel for more sitting. But no in mine they could but there isn't enough room. I'm sure I have metiond before that I turned my dinette into a couch so Fred likes it under there and I bought him a big old dog bed that fits perfect under there. Fred is a daschund so he reall doesn't need much room.:) So I have dubbed that Fred's man cave. I guess you aren't going out much right now looking at RV's, but when you do you will see what they have to offer.