Monday, January 02, 2012

Cold and Snow

It's days like these that make me think of RVing full-time. It's just not the weather, currently 24 with a high today of 28 degrees. Being in southern Indiana I will miss most of the storm predicted for the Great Lakes region, still when I think of 28 or 80 as a high temperature for the mind goes into the wonder mode.

Besides the weather, it is time off from work that makes me start thinking full-time RVing is right for me. I am starting my 3rd day off from work before returning to work tomorrow on the 3rd. I have to admit I have been pretty bored actually and that feeling is about the same with each long weekend I get off work for a holiday. The hounds and I have a walk or two per day, even later today in the snow a walk will take place. I've read some of the new books I bought recently, watched football games yesterday and will today. I also attended a great college basketball game New Year's Eve with IU upsetting #2 Ohio State.

Still I woke up on the 1st with that old 'itch' to hit the road....maybe it is the weather or the new blogs I have found that have me thinking again about the benefits of full-time RVing compared to being retired and staying here full-time. Here the pace is slow, the scenery is nice but there is that 'itch' to take off. If I were retired and living here I am not sure there is enough things to keep me occupied day after day. Traveling will definitely be a part of the plan no matter where I am living.

One of my readers said it best and it has been an idea I have played with back and forth since October. Keep the house, take some trips and see if RVing works with me and my hounds. If I decided that I love RVing and wanted to do it full-time, then rent out my house and it is still here when I decide to come back off the road.

Also something I have always thought of with that plan, from my travels I might find somewhere I would like to live after I stop RVing better than the place I live now.

Last night when looking a new blogs I saw a blogger with the same Toyota 4Runner that I have pulling a 17' Casita. They have traveled up through Canada and up to Alaska. That is a huge difference than buying a 35' Class A diesel pusher isn't it? I like some of the advantages of the Casita set up and every since I bought the 4Runner this past November I have thought of the small trailer - truck combo.

Well enjoy the warm weather. As I set here watching the big snow flurries outside my window, I am going to have another cup of coffee, read some new blogs, look at some RV's - Casita's - Buses for sale as I prepare to watch college football for the rest of the day starting at 1pm.


  1. We're at 52 right now (11am) in the Houston area. Today's high 59. Tonight, 34. A cold front blew through. I follow someone else's blog & they started with a 5th wheel, but had an inadequate truck to pull it, so had problems, then got a pop up, they liked it for awhile as it forced them to get out & mingle with others. But they found it wasn't a good fulltiming rig, so they went to a ClassA Bounder & seem happy with it. THey don't think dogs can live comfortably in a C, but they are wrong. I LOVE that your life revolves around your guys so much! Other's just don't get it, but I think many of us in the RV community hold our little furry kids near & dear. You'll know the answers for yourself as you get closer to your life's destination. And anything you get, try to get the best price on, check nada against what you are looking at to be sure. If it doesn't work, there's always another rig of a different kind that may work better for you that you can trade into. What you decide on your house will be a personal decision for you. You have to decide if you'd regret it or not,if you sold it, if the RV lifestyle didn't work for you. Is it a house that you want to come back to would you rather relocate elsewhere anyhow?

  2. The weather is not perfect anywhere, I have been in areas or rain and cold and wind - but NO snow.
    I am so happy to be on an island right now. It's sunny and warm - but not HOT. It's windy at times but I still go walking on the beach.
    Good Luck with your decisions, its not easy, but you will find a solution that works for you. When I was at Camping World waiting on repairs, I looked at RV's and did not see any that I would prefer over the one I have.

  3. Retirement takes some getting used to, but it's really nice once you're there. Used to be, it would take me almost 2 weeks before I felt like I was really on vacation, then it was time to go back to work! Not any it's great just trying to decide where we want to go next. Still have our house to take care of, but having the freedom to roll the motorhome to where the sunshine and warm weather is...that's a real gift! Have a great year, and you'll get to where you want to be. The journey and planning the journey are as much a part of it as reaching a destination. Destinations are always subject to change.

  4. Russ ... that was a great Rose Bowl game. Both controversial calls were correct. As we say in Indiana, the way the game ended could not have happened better for the Wisconsin coach...quite deserving. lol

    I like your comment on your house and being able to roll when and where you want to.

    TexCyn & Teri ... I know that when it is finally meant to happen all of these questions will be answered and the solution will seem so simple. Teri it's great that when you look around an RV sales lot that you found something that you wanted more.