Monday, February 20, 2012

The "itch" to Full-Time Travel is Back

I just finished up a 3-day weekend not doing a lot, but thinking, reading different blogs, glancing at RV's for sale .... and did I say thinking?

That feeling to travel full-time is back stronger than a few weeks ago and increasing. I can't see it any other way when I think of what I should do after I retire or even sooner. I feel my time is up here and it's time for new adventures, new towns, and new people.

Otherwise, it is my belief that I will continue the same "rut" I have been in for what seems like forever. I have had some good times at this place, but it's not one of the best places I have ever lived. I've lived across the street from the beach in Carlsbad California, to Whidbey Island Washington, ten months living in Breckenridge Colorado during ski season, back to Whidbey Island until 1995 when I moved back to Indiana.

It's strange that I have such an attachment to this place.

Is it the chance of mortgage free living? Low cost of living? Near a large college town? I keep wondering what it is that keeps me here.

I can sell my house, my Z4, my Toyota 4Runner and buy a good used RV for cash. That's mortgage free living isn't it? Low cost of living could still be maintained with solar panels, tanks large enough to boondock and I could visit about any large college town that I wanted and even tailgate on Saturdays if I wanted to attend a college football game.

That kind of paints a different picture doesn't it.

I stepped out of my house the other day to hook up my bloodhound to her 80ft climbing rope I have anchored in the field behind my house. If she isn't tethered she would take off at the first smell of a deer or rabbit and being 100ft from a RV traveling US Highway, her life would be short lived.  I would hate that ... so I tether only for short periods of time when she wants outside. She knows where that 80' ends, someway.

So, as I started to say, just as I start to connect her collar to the rope connection, my basset hounds start baying loud and they are off the to races. I glance up and deer are scattering everywhere in the field behind my house. Going in different directions. Maybe 15-20, too many to count and too fast for me to get inside to grab my camera. They must have been grazing in the hay field before we came outside.

The hounds eventually stopped and stared. Some of the younger deer stopped and stared back.

That's one of the nice things about living in this area, the wildlife, unannounced appearances.

Still, I could get the same thing camping out in the Cascade's or Rocky Mtn state parks.

Basically, I need at least two things:

1. The freedom to move when I want
2. Solitude

RVing full-time is the only way I can get those two things ... in my opinion.

P.S.  .... It would be nice to get rid of the year-round allergies I have.


  1. We'll both get there, when the time is right! I'm putting that out into the universe!

  2. I rescued a bloodhound a few years back. Named him Big Red & turned him over to BH rescue when they were ready to collect him. He was a neat dog - usually, they turn their resuces into search & rescue dogs. I lost contact with them though, so don't know where he ended up going. He was a big dude! You'll figure out this RV thing once you get into one & start hitting the pavement. The beauty is that, yes, you can get solitude when you want & you can always hit a campground or a gtg for company!

    1. I plan on renting a C in April and then head to a state park about 25 miles south of me, nice lake. With the distance to pick up the RV, it should be about 200 miles of driving round trip. Hounds will be going. So that should answer a few of the questions I have. I can't wait!

  3. So, what changed your mind yet again THIS time??

  4. You know, you may change your mind again before you settle for sure, but that's the process. Don't worry about looking at all your options. When I think about going back to a sticks/bricks home again, I think about just what you said. I'd probably sit in my chair much more, TV on, not see any new places, not meet any new people.

    This life is not for everyone, but for NOW, it's for me. When it isn't any more, then I'll see what else I want to do. Talk about having personal freedom!

    I'm glad you've still got full-timing on the table. :)

    1. I glanced around on google maps last night looking at places I have lived in the past. Then there are so many more places I want to stay and see, where I have either passed through, or read about. I just can't see sitting here when I could be traveling, then staying places that I really enjoy.

      Good to see you back on the road again. Great blog, great pictures and a great dog.

  5. I saw that you posted, came over for a read, but it states that your post doesn't exist. From what I gathered from the dashboard, you seem surprised that we're still following you. Of course we are. We are nosey!! Actually, just curious what's happening with you these days. Hope all is going well.