Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Lot of Updates

Well it has been an interesting month or so, since my April 14 post. A few major changes, somethings on my list checked off and a potential huge one (house), if I decide to sell.

1.  I traded my Toyota 4Runner for a gas saver and my future "toad" ... 2009 Mini Cooper

2.  While at the car lot closing that deal, I was talking to a friend of the owner of that car lot, that liked to trade cars as much as I did, leaning against his Hummer, when I asked him if he would be interested in my Z4. Sold it to him the next day after he saw it.

So since last November I have gone from 3 vehicles, an old '94 Chevy Pickup, a Toyota 4runner that I had mentioned here I did not want to sell or trade and a Z4 that I thought I would never sell ....to just 1 vehicle .... the 2009 Mini Cooper.

I still have my 3 hounds and they are going with me when I decide to RV.

Then last week, a single mom, co-worker is looking for a house to buy or rent. Didn't know if she wanted to live in my small town closer to work or stay in the better college town 25 miles away.  But she loved my rent price and/or my "for sale" price and knew up front that she would have to change anything she wanted on her dime ... since I had adjusted the sales price for those upgrades.

Still a possibility on the house as of this morning.

So what's the hold up???

Back in early April I was approached by a manager for the corporation I work for and was made an offer that I could not refuse.  I mean that. No way possible could I turn down what they were offering on a 3 year contract.

So once again, whats the hold up???

For me to have that offer, the corporation has to win the contract it has bid on and the result will not be known until sometime in June.

The co-worker joked that if I sold her or rented her the house, "you will have 30 days to get out" ... then laughed.  I told her I would be out in 2 weeks.  That would be some FAST selling and downsizing.

Downsizing was on my list last winter.  I am happy to say that I have gone through closets and drawers and threw out or gave to goodwill everything I have not used recently in the past year or longer.  So the only stuff left, is things I will no longer need in my travels.  I know how to travel light. You don't go on 10 month deployments on aircraft carriers and not know how to travel light ... so that experience will help me in deciding on just what I need. 

I had a mail flier from CampingWorld in Indy in the mail the other day, showing all of their Memorial Day sales.  Prices are dropping a lot, even on 2012 models, if I decide to go that way.

So I guess the June information will decide if I leave in 2015 or leave sometime this summer. 

Maybe that Memorial Day weekend to June 1 will be a MAJOR source of information in making a final decision.

I have thought of selling / renting my house to the co-worker friend and moving into an RV while I finish my current job, while training my replacement.  They have a great RV park within a few miles of where I work and great rates.

I actually think things are coming together on this RVing full-time idea .... finally!!


  1. Sounds like things are coming together for you. The only drawback to living in the RV in Indiana for 3 years would be the weather. What are the winters like? Are you in Southern Indiana?

  2. I left my condo and drove off in The Palms to Santee Lakes RV Park where I stayed for a month to get familiar with everything. I thought that was a good way to learn about the systems and get used to living in an RV. It sounds like you might be doing the same thing before you know it. I hope it all works out for you. You are on your way. :)

  3. I agree with Teri. You'd have to have an RV that could endure winters, plus will the water be turned off in the RV park? Some RV's have an artic package that would make it doable though. So long as you can still get the utilities. Rent the house & live in the driveway! ;-)

  4. I stayed in a 40' Jayco 5th wheel outside Terre Haute all winter 4 years ago, and made it thru OK, with some prep work before it got cold....so it can be done and I was very comfortable! You'll quickly find RVs are not insulated very well! My 5er had double pane thermal windows, which helped some...I had placed straw bales all around the trailer to keep the winds out.....I installed tank warmers on the holding tanks...I was hooked up to a big LP gas tank....I used electric blanket on my bed, and placed space heaters in trailer in 3 diff. locations.....all in all, it was an enjoyable experience, but not one I necessarily want to repeat!!

  5. We have now seen two Winters in our Montana fifth wheel in the northern tier of the States - last year in NJ with lows in single digits. We have been very comfortable; we have a fireplace that augments our furnace heating system. :) Wintering in colder climes can be done, but it does take some prep. Go for it!

  6. Ah, I may have confused everyone about living in an RV while training my replacement. That situation would be a short term 30 days, not during the winter nor the 3 year commitment. I do live in southern Indiana and kinda out of the "snow belt" but we still get snow and single digit temps, so living in an RV would not be an option for me in the winter.

    I may just go ahead and plan to leave now, train my replacement in 30 days, once the place is rented or sold.