Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Clear Out More I Find More

Since my last post telling you about test driving different potential tow vehicles, I have moved more things to recycling.  I have pulled more clothes from the closet for my next Goodwill run to the larger town 25 miles away. During this time of doing a room at a time, I find more things I would do to the house if I were staying here. So I really need to do them and I think some things can be done while the For Sale sign is in the yard.

I am not a "pack rat", never have been nor will be ... but it is amazing how one person can collect so much stuff over the years. I do a lot of downsizing on an annual basis, so this is why it is so surprising to me as I move through each room, just how much stuff has accumulated.

The next thing to sort are books, my music collection and my IU sports collection. What do I do with them? When I say books, I am not talking a lot of books but these are the books that survived the last time I went through and cleared out books. My music collection is nothing more than obnoxious. Ranging from LP's (vinyl), to cassette tapes (over 300 ea), to CD's (close to 400), a dvd movie collection and a collection of IU football and basketball games on VCR tapes and DVD's, dating back to the first VCR player/recorder in 1985.

So I guess I am at the hard part of getting rid of some things that I really like, still listen to, still read or look through ... I am not sure what to do with them ... storage is not an option.

Throughout my busy day at work and the time home in the afternoon, one thought kept moving through my head pretty consistently. That was, a Toyota Tundra Pickup, with a cab high bed shell and a trailer. Still when I went back and looked at some Class C's along with the BT Cruiser that I had bookmarked.....I like the advantages of them and wanted them just as much as a truck and trailer. LOL

Even though I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff this weekend, I still have a lot to do and it's like a never ending battle. I did sell one of my bedroom chests within hours of texting the pics to my friends. I am having no luck selling my spare set of wheels and tires on Craig's List, except the Nigerian that wanted my name, address and phone number so his company could send me a check and his shipper could stop by this small out of the way Midwestern town to pick the wheels and tires up. In a reply to his email I just attached a link of his name that I found on google showing he was from Nigeria...never heard back from him.

Someone at work today asked me if I thought you could RV full-time on a "shoestring budget". He and his wife would love to do that but being cash strapped due to life, I'm not sure it would be a good idea. I told them I have no experience in RVing so I couldn't answer that but to me traveling in anything across the country on a full-time basis, on a "shoestring budget" is pretty dangerous. I told him to talk to another co-worker that had the huge Chevy dual axle pickup and the 38' 5th wheels for the RV experiences, not the monthly expenditures.

So, the thought of the day ... do I want to get on the road the fastest way and that is buying a truck and a trailer for less than I would spend on a Class C. Or do I need to wait? I don't want to touch my savings, like I have said before. Now I do have a savings for just RVing that has been increasing, but the best way to raise cash is selling the house.

Truck / Trailer or Class C towing a small 4x4 vehicle? Or just a Class with no toad?

I wish I would really make up my mind ... very very frustrating.


  1. Luckily I never bought any music on cassettes or CD's - always listened to the radio. But I did have a lot of books - sold them on Amazon, donated them to the library and sold some to a bookstore online. I bought a Kindle and now I download free books, and occasionally will buy a book. I never bought any movies on VHS or disk. Anyone RVing on a tight shoestring will have to workamp or boondock. I work because I feel I am too young not to be working, and I don't want to use my savings, yet.

    1. I was thinking about those books, music, games on tape today. It occurred to me, when was the last time I sat read those books, listened to music or watch any of those old games on tape. It's bee a long time. I listen to my music on iTunes now, read books on my iPad and old games no longer hold my interest like they use to. So I am going to try to sell the music and game tapes in bulk, will give my IU collection to an avid fan at work and the books I'll sell on Amazon. Thanks Terri for the help.

  2. On our move of 175 mi. today, wife and I revisited MH vs. Fiver debate. Agreed only on one thing--going Toad-less would have been a mistake. What if u need quick evac from CG due to severe/tornado like weather? Need to get a dog to animal hosp quickly? Broken down in no-mans land without a 2nd option? Gas mileage of all the local trips? Headache of planning groc stops? Just a thought as we once considered sans toad, but 5 mos. into it, realize it would have been a mistake. I understand the counterpoints, too, of only 1 veh to maintain, etc....

    1. Sooo...MH or Fiver? :) Great points about having a toad. I am thinking for the type of boondocking I want to do, I will need a 4x4, a pickup for more storage and the ability to tow more weight.

    2. My small Class C won't take me on a 4x4 road, but I used it a few weeks ago to take my cat to the Vet, I fit in the Vets parking lot without a problem. The cost of gas in my small RV vs in a car(toad) is probably still less than the cost of maintaining a 2nd vehicle. And I want to walk more and ride my bike more, I spent too many years jumping into the car to constantly be driving here and there. I plan my stops and where I will drive now on purpose - we all have different wants and needs.

  3. Decisions decisions decisions!!! Personally, I think you should go with the truck/trailer...this is just my 2 cents ok? Buy a nice 4x4 with some added clearance so you CAN get off road. But also a word of advice from someone that has been there/done that-----IF you go off road with the trailer, always remember that you have drain pipes at the rear of the trailer that are generally nothing more than thin walled PVC pipe that can be snapped off by a rock!! And holding tanks that can be punctured, spewing nastiness everywhere! You know how on some bigger pickups there will be a shield around the starter?? Consider something similar around your drain pipes.......a local welding shop could rig something up for you.......you would not want to be camping off the beaten path and discover your pipes are broken off.

  4. I can't help you on your decision on what will work best for you. Ultimately, you'll have to decide that for yourself depending on your personal comfort level. We're getting kind of anxious to see what you end up getting though ;-)
    You can live in an RV on a shoestring budget, granted you own it & don't do a lot of traveling! It's the traveling, gas expenses & camping fees that can eat you up. It can be done if you work camp or park your rig at a campground on a monthly basis & have a job somewhere though. Many, many people live out of them, but don't actually do a whole lot of traveling. So it really depends on what their goals of owning one would be.