Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beautiful Weekend Here

After all of that sleep Thursday night (13 hrs), time has been flying by as well as my short term memory. First it was my glasses, looked everywhere. Then my FJ keys Saturday morning. The keys are put in the same spot every time I come back inside except for my last time. Both were found eventually.

This morning I see a "draft" is gone. I was sure I did a post yesterday and saved it with plans to post later with my Saturday morning photos of the hounds. To be honest, after 14 hours of college football on tv ... I'm not sure I wrote that post. I may have been interrupted at the time by Winston wanting to make another one of his hundred trips per day to go outside.

Anyway, yesterday and so far this morning ... it's been beautiful here in the tropics of southern Indiana. The temps are colder than I like as the inside house temps were 58° when we got up on Saturday morning. It's no wonder Winston had buried himself under his mexican wool blanket during the night.

Saturday morning Heidi and Winston didn't get out of bed for the 2nd trip outside. All of the hounds get up first thing in the morning now when Winston decides he has to go ... even Heidi ... why??? ... they have all figured out that while they are outside I am inside filling their food dishes with breakfast!! They know they can eat as soon as they come back inside.

Saturday morning had freezing temps outside and heavy frost ... we didn't stay out too long.

Saturday after their mid afternoon lunch, Sadie and Stella played just a little but wasn't really into it that much. Heidi came out to check the sun and Winston wandered off exploring.

Someone emailed me asking if I really fed my hounds those terrible "Milk Bones" ... the brand name kind. I did 18 years ago because at that time those were "the" kind of treat to buy. Also they had a huge nameplate in shape of a bone that you could get with a couple of labels and a couple of dollars.

So I only use the WORDS "milk bone" because that will have the hounds sprinting for the house no matter how far out in the field they are, no matter what they are eating and no matter if they are ignoring me ... here I have yelled "milk bone" to Winston to get him to come inside. He started running for the house after I yelled those famous words to him. When was the last time you saw Winston run??

What I do use as "milk bone treats" are no grain, usually a peanut butter flavor or a free small sample bag of treats that are no grain treats from the different dog food manufacturers.

As you can see it's a great day so far today. You can see the high winds the other night cleaned my yard of all the leaves that were blown into the yard after I had raked them.  I have small piles of leaves near the house that will not take much time to dispose of. All the tree limbs that are blown down have been moved to my burn pile for next April.

Stella likes to face south on her 2nd trip outside everyday ... not sure what she sees, hears or smells but that seems to be her favorite position when not laying down in the yard.

Of course Sadie and Winston always start their day with noses to the ground. Can there be that much animal traffic in the yard while they sleep at night?

For a hound that use to run from the iPhone camera or the small Nikon I used before I bought the Nikon D3200, she had turned into a real photo hound ... she likes posing now when the camera is pointed her way.

Stella continues her daily path from the tree line in the field, over to the north side of the property, sniffing all the way. Unlike most morning where her and Sadie will end up playing, this morning she trotted towards me to go inside after she was done sniffing the area.

Sadie always likes to watch Stella's path back to the yard. If she doesn't follow Stella into the field from the start, she will stand in this place and watch her every step until Stella returns to the yard.

As a shocker, I'm not really in the mood for NFL football today. ALL tv announcers, every sport,  never shut up...I've never heard so much non stop rambling during ballgames, in all sports ... but it seems worse this year. Sooooo I turn the sound down.

With the great weather and sunshine I think it's going to be a day of reading, a couple of different dog walks, hang outside with the hounds and let them decide when we come back inside.

Not much planned here in the tropics today ... maybe a late afternoon blog post ... that is if I can remember.


  1. Maybe Stella is longing for more southerly winter quarters??

    1. she could be ... hopefully it's dry.