Friday, November 13, 2015

So It's Friday The 13th?

I didn't realize until I started editing my photos and adding the date to the first one of the day, that it was Friday the 13th. In fact I had forgot it was Friday. Forgetting days is easy when you are retired, I am finding out. It's great!

Of course when you decide to take an hour nap before the Thursday night NFL game and wake up 13 hours later ... you tend to forget the day of the week. The hounds didn't seem to mind their owner was missing in action.

Besides the weather clearing up yesterday, nothing went on in the world of hounds. They didn't do much more than what the photo shows.

This morning wasn't much different than yesterday afternoon. It's only colder but at least the sun is out. I also noticed more leaves were blown out of the driveway and yard, so I only have a couple of piles near the house to pick up and a little along the bank but nothing like before Monday night's winds.

Winston had found something in the field where he didn't move from that spot for about 5 minutes. He was there long enough for me to go out and see what he was eating. I didn't see anything but a place where he had dug his nose into the thick grass.

I decided to say those favorite words when I want to get them back inside "milk bones" ... they all took off running toward the house until Sadie and Stella decided they needed to play a little before getting their morning dog treat.

Sometimes I like to go back and read older blog posts and their comments. This morning I saw a post from April 2014 where the photos had disappeared. I may have missed this one but it was just a month or so ago where I went back and uploaded all the photos missing from older posts. I only had to add five photos this time but it makes me wonder why they disappear ... is it a Blogger problem?

By this afternoon not a lot had happened here in the tropics of southern Indiana. The sun stayed out, the temps stayed cool and the hounds stayed inside. They must be preparing for a day and night of college football tomorrow, plus college basketball starts tonight.


  1. Actually I'm not sure you are legally allowed to call that a nap!!

    1. Unconscious might be a better term ... :)