Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Morning Energy

I could tell from the first few minutes of the day that the bloodhounds were "high energy", the basset hounds were normal level. Right now after being back inside for about 10 minutes it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop because they are all sleeping. You would not have thought that just 10 minutes ago when Sadie and Stella were sprinting through the field and playing.

They actual had two running sessions. The headed deep into the field to dump their tanks plus smell any fresh deer tracks.

Luckily neither bloodhound moves into that wooded area. It is wooded for only about 10' and then drops immediately into a huge gully probably 50' deep. Another thing I find amazing is with Stella being that far away she will always come when I call her name ... as does Sadie.

Stella takes a different route when called. She will head north and then to the edge of my property where the pole marks the corner of my lot, while Sadie runs straight to me.

This morning after being on a full run, Stella was distracted by a smell and then decided to eat a small tree limb that had been burned last week while raking leaves.

They weren't done yet ... normally after this sequence they are both ready to come back inside but today Sadie met Stella head on. Stella zipped around her, then stopped as both started playing, something they were doing inside the house.

By now you would have thought they were finished but after Sadie stood up, Stella takes off running with Sadie not far behind. Another interesting fact I have mentioned before that is kinda of weird ... outside Sadie will be the one on the bottom, laying down ... inside Stella is on the floor laying down while they play.

They both ran faster today after each other than I had ever seen before.

Just like that ... they stop and head back to the house to go inside ... sleeping soundly within 10 minutes.

Where were Winston and Heidi during all of this?  Inside dry and warm, sleeping next to each other wrapped up in blankets by their own design and rearrangement. All four hounds did go out earlier in the dark and then sprinted for their food dishes for breakfast. I filled them up while they were outside.

I think they have caught on to the new feeding arrangement, moving to 2x per day, only after a few days.

It's a cool damp day so far in the tropics of southern Indiana.


  1. Love reading your blog and looking at the photos every day. I have a question for you. I have recently started colored pencil painting and would love it if I could attempt to turn the last photo of Sadie and Stella into a drawing. I love the composition of the photo. Would this be OK?

    1. Feel free to use any of the photos on the blog. Thanks for stopping by.