Thursday, December 24, 2015

Winston Is Much Better So Far Today

What a difference a day makes, not only the weather is drastically different but Winston so far is having a great day. Yesterdays heavy storms, strong winds and a lot of sideways rain turned into blue skies, white clouds with some sunshine.

No whining at all so far today. He slept from 910am - 1148am. Unlike yesterday hopped to his two front feet when I asked him if he needed to go outside. I propped open the door, went back and put the taped rolled t-shirt under his hips and he took off at a fast pace. Down the two steps and out to the driveway, where his nose caught something for him to stop and smell.

With the sunshine and temps near 50° I moved him to the backyard where he enjoyed the smells in the air and then wanted to walk more. When we came back in, just as I put the gate up he raised his right rear leg to attempt to scratch his ear.

"who says I'm injured"

I had brought out a little kibble in my hand to add to the prednisone to feed Winston. A couple of small pieces of kibble dropped from my hand and of course the bloodhounds were all over that small piece of food and were searching for more.

As I write this he is now whining to make me take the gate down from his gated area so he must be feeling much better than yesterday afternoon.

After my earlier post this morning, Stella and Sadie went outside. I thought they would have the chance to burn off some energy but that wasn't the case. They both locked into some new smells in their territory and off they went in search of who/what it was. At no time did they want to run nor want to play.

It has to be that stray cat

So we came back inside where Winston was still sleeping. Stella decided to take over for Sadie in watching over Winston ... but I caught her about to yawn on the job.

Sadie thinks about staying out longer, she can see it's nice outside today.

So where is Heidi on this beautiful day???? Where else ........ She has refused every offer to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. She has that "don't bother me" look this morning.

It's good to see a little improvement from him today, from the "tropics" of southern Indiana.


  1. Hello Steve,

    First I want to say that I had discovered your blog just a few weeks before you decided to shut it down, and was so disappointed when I read your announcement that you were closing the blog. Even though I had never commented, I always looked forward to your hound reports and photos. So, I was very happy today when I saw your post on Contessa’s blog and saw that you were at it again.

    I read back through the posts I had missed and am so sorry about your problems with Winston, but it seems to me like he has improved quite a bit especially since he is trying to use his hind leg to scratch.

    I won’t go into all the details, but my sweet beagle, Chiqui, was diagnosed with a blockage in her liver in August of 2011. At that time, my vet, who I have been using for 35 years, advised me that he didn’t expect her to live much more than 6 months. As you said in one of your posts, hounds are stubborn, and she made it until October 25, 2014, when I could see by the look in her eyes that it was time to say goodbye. Sorry to ramble, but I just wanted you to know that I think you will know when it is time.

    Merry Christmas to you and ALL your adorable hounds!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, the Christmas wishes and encouragement.

  2. So glad to hear you were able to re-connect with the regular vet. The K-Laser treatment sounds very encouraging. I had never heard of that before. I did a little reading and viewed a short video of a dog (looked like a miniature pinscher) who was dragging her back legs from a disc injury. She started the laser therapy and within hours had regained mobility on one side; after four treats she was using both legs again, a little wobbly, but definitely getting around. Sounds like a great treatment option for people too. Merry Christmas to you and the hounds! Hope the stress eases up.....

    1. That sounds good to me and probably more exciting to Winston. The stress left today when I saw how much better he was.

  3. Steve, why does Winston have to be gated ?

    1. Both vets told me to make sure he was in a confined space so he could rest for healing his back. Before this morning anytime that gate was down, he would take off for different spots throughout the house. Maybe at this point in time at 7 days I should let him go where he wants???

    2. It was also a way to prevent Stella from accidentally stepping on him. At times whether excited or just walking in her slow motion pace, she will accidentally step on me or other hounds.

  4. ok, hard to know....does it seem like he would not do anything if it is painful ? but I guess he could hurt himself unknowingly. Obviously the Vets know best, but it would break my heart to hear him crying to get out.

    1. I just tried it as a test by taking the gate away. He woke up a few minutes earlier and walked halfway to the door. When I stopped him, the bloodhounds woke up and Stella in her normal slow motion stroll walk right over him and stepped on his tail. Close call.

      In fact that was my initial response last Saturday morning when I woke up hearing Winston yelling ... that Stella had stepped on him in her excitement to go outside for the first time that day.

      A friend of mine has a dachshund with back problems at times and under vet instruction will crate the dog for weeks at a time for recovery.

      Yes, it hurts to hear him cry or moan.