Monday, January 25, 2016

An Enjoyable Monday

An enjoyable Monday … those three words were rarely spoken in the years that I worked. Sure, I’d have good days at work, even Mondays, but starting the night before on Sunday I would always seem to dread the thought of going to work on Monday. That was different last night because I was sure of what I wanted to do today and by early afternoon if not before, I had finished what I planned on.

That plan was moving my blog once again from the WordPress free side to my own domain. So I have two domains, the same name except one ends in .com and this one ends in .net. That is something I’ve been thinking about doing for over the last couple of years.

I am already finding it much easier to come to one site, load images, post and do any of the editing work I need to do in the background. I’ve updated some pages that are located on the red banner across the blog. It was also easier to download images from my Apple Photos program into just one folder instead of four different folders, so they could be uploaded into this blog.

Just a couple of days ago setting up each of the hounds with their own blogs, they had their own folders for their blog photos to be uploaded into their blogs. I’ve always had separate folders for them in iPhoto and Photos.

Needless to say I have not heard even one objection from Sadie, Stella and even Heidi about losing their blogs. They must be okay with the new arrangement. At times I’ll add their ‘point of views’ to my blog post that day. They are still opinionated, still demanding at times and still spoiled. They will enjoy the additional time they will get with me spending less time on only 1 blog instead of 4 blogs.

With the temperature starting the day in the upper 30’s, it felt like spring had arrived compared to the single digit temps less than a week ago. Sadie, Stella and I started an afternoon walk but the ground had become so saturated with the above freezing temperature, it was very soft and muddy. We turned back to the house after only a few steps into the walk. Back inside they were given a couple of treats for wasting their time and letting me clean the mud off their paws.

Heidi? She didn’t do anything outside her normal routine of sleeping. She headed outside mid-afternoon and this is the only photo I was able to get of her. She is fast when she goes out and back in, rarely ‘posing’ for a photo. For concerned readers, she has gained a few pounds since her weight loss last summer. She is being fed twice per day and twice the amount recommended on the dog food bag. She saw the vet just last week for her annual check up. The vet is looking at some other possible causes for her weight loss, otherwise Heidi tested out “a healthy basset hound with a strong heart and a nice soft shiny coat”.

Sadie and Stella are still finding a lot of new scents to smell since the snow has melted yet that also leads to potentially new things for them to eat. It’s stuff that I don’t want them eating. Maybe I should just say heck with it and don’t look as they are gobbling down their fiber found in the field.  :)

No matter what, they always come running to the house when I yell anything about ‘eating’ or just the words ‘milk bone’.

Although the clouds became dark as the afternoon progressed, the winds picked up, it was still high 40’s today in the ‘tropics’ of Southern Indiana.


  1. I keep track of when weeks being and end by "Garbage Day" which is Wednesday for us. When you're retired you relate to the calendar and the clock much differently. Still have to write things down to remember them, though.

    1. Well using 'Garbage Day' would make me lost A couple of months ago I stopped my garbage pickup and recycle all I can and while I am at the recycling center, they will take $2 for a 39gal bag of veggie scraps and coffee grounds. I am not longer sure when my weeks end ... there are ballgames on tv every night 12/365.