Saturday, January 16, 2016

Feedly Issues

Sadie In The Coachman
Feedly Subscribers: I don’t know why it is doing it, but that feed is treating every post I edit here as a new post on Feedly. I don’t know who I would contact there to fix it.

The problem is I am in process of editing hundreds of old blog posts that transferrer the other day from Blogger. I found by accident that the majority of them didn’t have a category, a tag or both. I have checked my old blog and did see that the posts that I am having to edit did have labels on Blogger. I have completed about 33% of them.

Based on some feedback I received on different things on the blog, I added a little color for the background color. I would give more separation between the white background and the blog.

What happened to the 100 photo slideshow?

A reader mentioned it was using a lot of his data when they failed to turn it off when they visited the site. I knew that if he and I did the same thing, there might be many more that visit here doing it and not realizing it. Not everyone has unlimited data. People like me and others pay for a limited amount of data per month.

In my case I noticed that Chrome Google was using almost 100% more data per day since moving to WP but didn’t realize why. Understand that while I was either working on the blog in the background, uploading photos, even editing all posts … as long as I had my home page open with the slideshow turned on … it was using data.

So you will notice it’s gone and I replaced it with a tiled mosaic of 15 photos.

While I was busy most of the morning working on WP, correcting different categories and tags … the hounds were sleeping. They never asked to go outside. They didn’t play inside, they just slept. Maybe they had a wild night after I went to sleep last night.

I tuned into my college ballgames around 12:30pm, with plans of more work on the blog between the basketball game I watched until the NFL Playoff game started at 4;30pm. I didn’t make it. A siesta sounded better and the hounds agreed.

So … here are the only photos of the hounds taken today. As you see they were as energetic as I was … which wasn’t much. I guess all of us need a rest day sometimes.

I'll try to be a better blogger tomorrow here in the 'tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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