Sunday, January 17, 2016

Getting Back To Hounds & RVs

I noticed very late last night after I had deleted all of the blog posts I had transferred from my old Blogger blog, the last 4 out of 5 posts were not about Hounds nor RVs. It was all about the attempted blog transfer, with WP questions/frustrations.

I then wrote on Friday about things in general, while posting some old photos never seen before on the blog. I had nothing else to write about. So I decided it was time to get back to writing about the hounds along with occasional thoughts on RV. Believe me, those traveling thoughts are always with me.

First let me tell you about an outstanding post written by Lynne over at Winnie Views a few days ago. I read it yesterday morning for the first time and it made my eyes wide open. It’s long, detailed, but is loaded with information about what is taking place with the wildlife refuges throughout the USA. It’s news you will not hear on the mainstream media unless there’s something the networks can show to increase their viewership and make money, like the Malheur occupation up in Oregon.

It’s Sunday, where’s my temperatures in the low teens? and that snow storm the snowing has started. Stella’s new wake up time seems to be 5:49am. She will go around poking me with her nose and quiet whining. At that time she is also waking up Sadie and Heidi. She also expects the be fed breakfast after she makes her first trip outside. That is what she is really wanting at 5:49am. It’s the only time of the day that I don’t have to yell for any dogs to “come on” when they are outside. They return to the door on their own. Even Heidi.

Being retired I don’t want to start my day at 6:10am every day. I don’t mind it sometimes, but not every day. So the routine after they come back inside, is to shut off the lights and head back to bed for a little more sleep. Then we will get up and they are fed breakfast. I turn on the computer and make coffee as it boots up.

For the 2nd day in a row it felt much colder than the thermometer was showing, the hounds have not had a real interest in staying outside long. They haven’t played outside for days and sleep inside most of the day.

So there hasn’t been a lot of photos of them in ‘action’ lately … because there hasn’t been any action .. lol.

I forced their hand this morning. After my 1st cup of coffee, with the ground of the field in back finally solid after the snow melted, I not only asked if they wanted to “go for a walk” but also grabbed my trusty Nikon D3200 with the stock 18-55mm (didn’t work again!!) 55-200mm lens. By the way, Sadie and Stella have never said “no” to that question. Sunshine would have been a nice additional feature but we are in a period of gloomy dark skies here in the ‘tropics’ of Southern Indiana.

Just about the time we stepped outside, there were snow flurries but nothing major. With my 20 year old Mountain Hardware goose down parka w/hood I knew we could handle any weather change in the next 20 minutes.

Just About To Turn The Corner

Deer At Times Around This Corner
As we walked I had the retractable leash to Stella in one hand and my camera in the other. She was pretty good about stopping each time I focused in to take a photo.

Just to Sadie’s right on the photo above is the route taken by the deer sprinting and jumping over a mashed down fence sprinting flying across that field. When Sadie was younger and the field was full of deep snow – she followed those deer as fast as she could. I couldn’t catch her nor find her later but she came back to the house 5 hours later.

As we made the turn at the halfway point to head home I could see on the horizon the snow as coming down harder but not really a lot of snow. Almost a sideways direction but very small flakes. This storm wasn’t going to amount to much.

There is deer traffic that cross this path on the way home. They come from that tree line you see when we start the walk and then into a small wooded gully in the direction that Stella is facing. Always good to have her on a leash for times just like these, when something has peaked her interest.

What Does She Hear or See?

Add caption
It’s was getting a lot colder. I may have worn my down parka but I forgot my gloves. Evidently Sadie was in as much of a hurry to get back inside the house as I was.

Really ??? Another Photo?  "Let's Go"
Where was Heidi during all of this? … where smart basset hounds choose to stay in weather like this … in bed covered in blankets sleeping. She never snores.

Nothing planned this afternoon but a couple of NFL Playoff games. I cannot imagine any of these games being more exciting than the one last night in Phoenix Arizona. It will be some coffee at times, and a fresh bowl of Cajun Beans have been made along with some cornbread.

Life is good here in the ‘tropics’ of Southern Indiana.


  1. Steve, one thing I discovered about myself was this. When I was first interested in reading RV blogs, I read a lot of them and always felt that I wanted to travel somewhere and see interesting new things, like everybody else seemed to be doing. We always owned an RV of some type and always enjoyed getting out with it. As we got older, we really wanted to do more traveling, especially in our motorhome with our dogs. We bought a new motorhome and toad and really wanted to be able to use them to go see the places we longed to see. Found out after a short time that going to new places was fun, but we always seemed to enjoy being home a lot more. Finally had to realize that being home with the dogs is even more satisfying for us than travel with the dogs. That was a difficult decision to make. After deciding that, I haven't been nearly as interested in reading about other people's travels, which just made me want to go to other places. I'm content to stay home and play with the dogs. Happy that we have a nice place for them, and room for us, too. Sure glad we didn't sell the house and head out in the motorhome. It would not have been the best choice for us. It works well for lots of folks, and that's good for them. I'm very selective in the things I read now, and don't feel the need to continually try to "keep up with" everybody and what they're doing and where they're going. Life is what you make of it, and only you can decide what works best for you. Good luck in dealing with things, Steve. I enjoy reading your posts.

    1. I remember when you sold your RV, I knew most likely that was one very hard decision to make. I too am happy that I decided and posted in September 2013, that this was the best environment for the hounds and I. I can't think of a better place for them. I did enjoy reading about and see your blog photos of the backyard redesign, along with those nice Eugene OR city workers install that new sidewalk for you. (j/k)

      I still enjoy reading the RV travelers, it's one reason I keep the blogroll active on the left sidebar. I hear from other readers the also enjoy that list of blogs. I've tried to add some finance, some retirement blogs to the sidebar but that's about it.

      Thanks for reading the posts and commenting. It's readers like you that keep me blogging.