Monday, January 11, 2016

The Hounds Enjoy Monday

Heidi knew as early as last night that it was cold outside. She headed to bed early and borrowed my Marmot sleeping bag, even with a warm room and the heat turned on. With the ballgames over, and I'm not being a big tv watcher, the evening ended pretty early. Sadie and Stella decided they were too comfortable to move from the living room and spent another night sleeping in the same spots they took hours earlier.

The daily routine is slowly stepping back to the one of the past two years. The hounds are still waking me up a little earlier than I like but that seemed to have started with the Daylight Savings time change in November. So they wake me up, they go outside quick for their first trip of the day. They always think breakfast is served when they come back inside, so they do not stay outside long.

At 6:00am or 6:30am, their breakfast is not served ... nor at 5:35am. What is different, recently Heidi is up before any of them, with a full body shake and enough flapping ear noise to wake me up. She has actually been going outside every morning with the other two hounds. That has not happened in months, if not years. She was a sleep until lunch type of basset hound.

We return for about an hour of sleep with breakfast being served around 7:30am. The thing that bothers me is not the hounds waking me up but when I glance out the window and see it is so cold that the storm windows are completely covered in frozen condensation. That means the temps are low teens if not single digits.

With bloodhounds temperature will not make a difference. They don't want to wear jackets, sweaters or shoes ... just nose to the ground or inside the snow and away they go. One thing I have to be really aware of though is Stella is starting to expand her traveling past a "house rule" boundary. One of those "give 'em an inch they take a mile" type of things.

Luckily the couple of times I have had to scream her name as I am running toward the suspected location - she will turn around and come sprinting towards me.

There wasn't much done this morning with the temperature at 9° our first trip outside and 13° at the 9:15am trip outside. Heidi never even opened her eyes when I asked if she wanted to go outside for the 2nd time of the day. She had moved to 'her' other spot, on the chair in the living room.

Sadie and Stella though charged outside for about 15 minutes of searching, sprinting and a little play. Once again my trusty Nikon D3200 failed when trying to focus to take photos of them playing. I cannot say that after a year and some months being a Nikon owner that I am a happy customer. I just realized that in my recent posts this past week I may have said D3100 instead of D3200. The D3200 is my correct model number.

I would go back and edit those posts but I have a fear that Blogger will move that old post to the most recent post after I click "update" ... that seems to be an issue lately. Is it time for me to seriously consider moving the blog to WordPress?

I started making some afternoon coffee with the temps hitting a high today of 24°. I found out I was down to my last cup of grounds so it was off to the store buy some, a 25 mile trip. Maybe I'll start buy coffee online and keep one bag of coffee ahead. Plus, stay warm.

There was still time for some afternoon jogging by Sadie and Stella. About all Heidi did for the afternoon was a quick trip behind the Yews to dump tanks and come back inside.

Sadie had been pretty nice to Stella since she arrived last August, they are great friends ... that is until Sadie has "her" container of The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt to lick out ... I don't think she is into sharing that.

Later on they still wanted to go out one last time for the day and double check that no one had been in their field while the snow flew. They would probably be able to stay outside all the time because they love it so much ... in the end they are always happy to come back inside where it's warm.

Yes, it does feel different without Winston around. He loved the snow and loved licking out the container that had the very last part of  yogurt, cottage cheese  or on a rare occasion ... pudding.

It's heading for the 40's here in a few days in the "tropics" of Southern Indiana .. all that snow will turn to mush and a really wet and soggy backyard / field.


  1. "... with a full body shake and enough flapping ear noise to wake me up."

    I have an alarm clock just like that. I tell mine that it is 'too early' and she will go back to bed. But around 6:00 she is standing with her paws on the edge of my cab over bed staring at me. It then becomes harder to convince her that it is too early.

    Sadie knows a good thing when she finds it - smart dog!!

    1. I have that same "too early" adding "its still *&#(&# dark" They do go back to bed when I tell them that. Actually they are all pretty good at that time of day. Yes Sadie has always liked the yogurt that I cannot get out of the container. It's cleaned inside once she is finished.

  2. Sadie’s nails look great. If I did the math right, that was at least 60 nail clips done in one day. That’s a lot! The snow really makes the old homestead look like a different place. I just don’t see how the gals can tolerate that cold snow on their feet, brrrr....

    1. The basset hounds I use to have would not be able to walk far because they ice and snow would get between their pads and they would try to hold their paws up in the air, so I quit taking them out in the yard. Winston just didn't care and would walk all over the snow...I've seen where the snow was deeper than him .. he kept charging.

      I have told all the hounds until we get all the nails short .... every Friday is nail day, be prepared :)

  3. You have nice snow and we have black ice, what a goofy year.

    Have you tried single point focus? I use it when taking bird pics in trees. You might also try the different number of focal points to see if that helps.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Tom. I'll try the single point focus today. When I have attempted different focal points, no success. It will either come back working by shutting off and back on, or shutting off the camera and dismount the lens. At times neither of those options work, but throwing it 30' into the yard does. Just in case for those reading that ... the 30' part was a joke ... I think. :)

  4. Nice Blog! Well most of your content and image is original and informative. /many thanks

    1. Based on your location and how you found me on google search, I always wonder on comments like this if it is an attempt to hack my site, gathering information. I'll be able to see if you come back or not. Otherwise, thank you for the comment.