Friday, February 26, 2016

A Late Morning Hound Walk

The streak of good weather here in 'the tropics' is off to a great start. As we stepped outside for the first time today, the skies were blue, scattered white puffy clouds and the hounds had their noses were to the ground immediately.

Like I predicted yesterday nothing happened the rest of the day. The highlight of the cold afternoon was a trip to the China House downtown for their $7 all you can eat buffet. It's so good that I could almost eat there on a daily basis. Of course whatever is in the ingredients led to a late afternoon siesta.

Stella just stopped by the desk to let me know it was about time for lunch.

I let the bloodhounds roam the field this morning. It was time to load my one load of 1 39gl bag of trash and the one trash container for recycling. Our county recycling program has a deal where nothing has to be sorted so it makes it pretty easy to recycle. No sorting? You cannot get easier than that. For a $2 fee they will also take my 39gl bag of trash.

The bedroom was 'childproofed' for Stella. I decided today that Heidi would come with me. A little bonding between her and I without the bloodhounds trying to get all of the attention. Plus to let her see that every trip in the FJ does not mean a trip to the vet. The trip was successful and she was pretty happy has we drove up the driveway when we got home.

It was so nice around 10:30am, it was time for a walk. Sadie and Stella sensed that we were going and of course that brings excitement with Stella howling and Sadie bouncing up and down with her front paws off the ground. A LOT of photos today.

The other day I looked through my collection of baseball caps to possibly find a replacement for the cap Stella chewed up last week. I thought I had thrown this cap away in 2013 but found it among all of the MLB baseball caps I had bought on my 2 week baseball vacation I took in 2003. One of the best trips I had ever taken, 14 cities, 13 MLB games and one day at the MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. So I pulled out the following "ex" yard ball cap that I thought I had retired.

The green paint on the bill is from painting the house in 2010 and the destruction of material happened when I was changing oil lines on the 2003 Coachman Class C rv in October 2013. It worked out well today during the walk so it will be the "new" yard work cap this summer.

Stella took off immediately on the walk and then turned to wait on Sadie and I as Sadie was doing her normal dragging me to start the walk. I could tell by the way they started, their speed, they would be ahead of me most of the time. Stella stopped on her own to see where Sadie and I were.

They took off around the right corner and never stopped. By the time I got to the corner they were way ahead ... plus they were both looking into that gulley. I yelled "hey" and they both came back out into the field so I could see them. Both of them were coming when called today. Stella might have strayed off like she normally does but came when called every time.


I yelled "hey" and them came back out to the field together
Right after that they took off for the two spots they always stop at. One doesn't want the other to get it all.

As they sniffed that line of bushes I tried to get ahead of them and prepare the camera to take some photos of them running toward me. The only problem was, the camera was ready but as I turned they had sprinted to catch up and were standing right behind me. One of those situations where one bloodhound didn't want the other getting the attention.

I really think Stella likes to get way behind so she can run to catch up with us. Basically most of the places she stops are the same day after day.

Sadie waiting for Stella to catch up

The sunshine made it feel warmer than it was. As it was a nippy 38° during this walk but felt much warmer. After telling the hounds "lets go home" they both came together on the path and headed home. At the very end they still found a couple of more scents they needed to check out ... but came when called.

It's a beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana ... gotta go ... Stella is howling for lunch and now has Heidi barking along with her.


  1. Your hounds are quite a pair and remind me so much of my two beagles. Tita was always close by me waiting for Chiqui to catch up with her. The biggest difference is, when Chiqui was free she did NOT respond to my call most of the time and got herself into quite a pickle a couple of times.

    1. Stella has been a very good addition to the crew. Sadie never had anyone to run or play with after she got older and stronger. Winston did play a lot with her when she was a puppy but not in recent years. They both ignore my calls at times but "stubborn" is listed on their breed profile.

  2. It may not be the polite thing to say but your 'new' yard work cap looks like Stella has had her way with it also. I can see why you thought you had throw it away. "..among all of the MLB baseball caps I had bought on my 2 week baseball vacation.." this one is the best of the lot?

    1. I am not sure what happened to that hat. It came out of the washer and dryer like that when I wanted to remove the oil that had dripped on it when I was changing the oil lines in my Class C Coachmen in 2013.

      This cap is definitely not best of the lot. It was just in the same closet as the other baseball caps I had bought on tour. I wear those licensed New Era wool caps when I am out running around but have no plans wearing them doing yard work. I might end up buying a 'new' cap like the C for the yard work and retire this one. I am not sure how long the Elmer's glue would hold the cloth to the bill in 90° summer weather. It's never been chewed on and fits great.