Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Books And Laziness

One thing good about this old 40 year old house ... it's well insulated. As the temps dropped into single digits last night and the heat turned down or even off in some rooms, the house never got below 60°.  As I stepped outside with the hounds this morning I could tell by the sound of the snow below my boots that it was going to be too cold to do much outside anytime today.

It was the normal routine in the morning. The hounds went out for a very short time. In fact Stella started a slight limp from walking in the frozen snow. She was more than happy to get back inside. I can't say the hounds did much more than the photo shows ... a day of bone chewing.

Around 11:30 I got my email notice from the local library that a book I had requested was available.  My old college friend suggested it last week, called Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen. In the meantime I picked up a book off their "New Arrivals" shelf, called Concussion by Jeanne Marie Laskas. I started reading Concussion first and haven't been able to put it down today. Setting up an account at the local library a few months ago was one of the best things I've done this year.

Early Morning

Checking to see if we are going for a walk today

Stella slightly limping from the frozen snow

A late afternoon check on the weather outside
I'm not sure what it was, either being inside from the freezing temps outside, the book reading or the small lunch I had  ... but by 1:30pm I was almost in a comatose state that as screaming 'nap' at me ... I'm always up for a siesta so I tried that for a while. It was one of the most successful things I got accomplished today. I even took a 2nd one after about 2 hours of reading.

I am afraid that if the blog has become boring to me recently, it must be that for you also. If so, I apologize for that. Although the post about my friends 1970 MCI Bus brought a lot of interest. Some interested readers have contacted Dennis. IF....IF you do not get a reply to your emails, let me know and I will call him.

On of my readers can read my blog but is having email issues ... strange ones at that. Maybe I can find an answer for her in my Area 51 book. This is to let her know that I have been sending emails since last Thursday and in fact tried two today as a test ... one from my Yahoo account (Flickr), thinking Gmail was the problem.

I'm heading back to reading for the night here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana. The hounds? They are sleeping again.


  1. Love the photo of S&S chomping away at their bones with near by spares ready to go. The books sound interesting. I haven't read anything by Annie Jacobsen, but did hear a good interview with her about "Operation Paperclip" a while back.

    1. 'Operation Paperclip' was mention in the chapters I was reading last night. I have no doubt that once I am finished with this book I will be reading other books written by her. Area 51 is hard to put down.

  2. Steve, do I remember correctly you have a Kindle? If so, have you checked to see if your library is a member of Overdrive (also known as R.E.A.D.S.)? It allows you to check out digital books, audio books and videos. They don't have everything, and it can take awhile to get new editions but you can put yourself on a waiting list for things they have. They send an e-mail when it becomes available. And like the library, it's free. Comes in handy in the winter!

    I looked to see if they have the book you're currently reading; they don't have it in book form but they have it as an audio book. Most books are in Kindle format but some you have to read in your browser.

    1. I don't have a Kindle but did have an iPad Mini. I sold it last fall to my friend when I decided to 'downsize' my electronics. My library has the Overdrive program, also tied in with other libraries in the state where I can have a book sent to my local one for pickup. I get all my notices via email and get a weekly list of new DVSs, books, audio books etc. I have used that state wide system a lot this winter.

      I've never been big on audio books, maybe if I was doing a lot of driving I might change my mind on that. Actually after reading a few books on my iPad Mini ... I found myself liking to read the book version, not the electronic one. If I were traveling, then the electronic reader would be the way I would go, probably back to an iPad Mini. My last one had wifi capability but not a data plan. I found out on my trip last summer, one having a data plan would have worked out much better and that will be the kind I buy in the future if/when I buy another.

  3. I emails your friend about the bus and got an email on Feb 14 that they would email me the next day but I have heard nothing.

    1. I have emailed them and left a message on Dennis's phone. I have not received any replies.