Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

It's so quiet right now you could hear a pin drop. Hounds are in their deep sleep mode until they decide it is time for lunch. Normal routine.

It's beautiful outside today and I find it hard to believe by later this afternoon we are suppose to be hit with thunderstorms. They were wrong the other day so maybe they will be wrong about those today. That is the way the weather can change though in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana ... it can change quick.

As we stepped outside this morning it was in the 40's, heavy frost, the sunshine slowly rising ... and the sound of a thousand birds singing. After what happened with the deer a few days ago, you might find this as being a "close call" this morning. As I was about to focus the camera on Sadie and Stella ... I caught a glimpse of one deer running through my neighbors yard just over the bank from me.

I saw the large white tail jump into the wooded area and then heard tree limbs breaking as the deer was running full speed to get away from my two deer hunters, Sadie and Stella. As you can see below ... neither one was aware that a deer was in their local area ... what I call a "close call" close to home.

We waited a few hours before we did the morning walk. That time is spent with me having my daily two cups of coffee, internet reading and answering emails. The bloodhounds join Heidi for a couple of hour hap. Lately it's also good to let the field dry from the heavy dew ... but recently, even by 11am, it is still pretty wet. I like that I found a new place for my one trash can and the other empty trash can that I use to carry limbs, leaves or any other yard material.

Sadie and Stella were not overly excited but I could tell they were a little more aware this morning of deer traffic from last night. I decided then to keep an keen lookout for any kind of deer movement as we walked ahead.

This is where I was sure we were going to see something or someone. First Sadie stopped and perked her ears up and then Stella stepped into the direction of the "deer gully".

One final check of the far corner by Stella ... nothing important so she started running to catch up with Sadie and I.

They were just sure there had been deer here earlier this morning.

I'm told those 3 turkey barns produce 40,000 turkey every 3 months ... I might be wrong on the time period, but I don't think it was monthly. I like the purple color of the field that will soon be plowed and planted in a couple of months. I think it's corn this year ... but once again my memory fails me on that.

Sadie and Stella checked out a few more of their favorite spots. They basically would come back to walk on the path homeward most of the time and the rest of the walk was uneventful ... but it was simply a beautiful morning.

The hounds will wake up when they hear me grab the FJ keys. The can be in a deep sleep but keys and the refrigerator door wakes them up faster than any alarm would. It's time to take the hounds, the camera out for a little drive around the area to see what the camera can find.

It was great yesterday afternoon sitting in the sun and falling asleep in a chair while two bloodhounds were asleep in the grass at my feet. Heidi? She never left her blankets inside except the one time after lunch that I posted about yesterday.

Sunny 62° now and thunderstorms later this afternoon in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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