Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All 3 Hounds Enjoy The Afternoon Sun

I'll warn you ... a LOT of photos in this post. Heidi was the star of the show.

I had not planned on spending hours outside when the four of us went outside a short time after their lunch. I thought it would be a short trip. Heidi wasn't going to come with until I told her to get outside with a firm voice. She was happy though by wagging her tail all the way to the door ... almost prancing.

The wind was still strong this afternoon but the sunshine was really really nice. So nice I moved my cheap chair out to "Winston's Patio" of 6 red stones. I was still standing in different places taking photos. I noticed that I had the 18mm-55mm lens on the camera but didn't bring the 55mm-200mm zoom lens with me. It looks like that lens worked okay.

While Sadie and Stella moved out into the yard, Heidi wasn't sure what she was going to do nor which direction she was going to take. She thought about it for a while ... I was happy to see her head in the direction of the backyard. I think you will see that she is gaining some of her weight back and I can only assume it's not the food with grain she has been eating but the two meds that the vet gave us on the 5th of March.

One was a supplement for dogs coming out of surgery or older dogs that need a nutritional boost ... called Hema A Spike. She also prescribed one dose of Triwormer just in case she had worms although her stools did not show that.

She was almost headed for the yard and then started to change her mind.

Then she thought about it some more and turned back in the direction of the backyard ... the hopeful destination.

Stella had already grabbed her spot in the sun and anxiously waited for Heidi to show up.

SUCCESS!!! Checking out the grass.

I couldn't believe about the time she was in the yard, she did an abrupt about face and turned to walk toward the carport to go back inside. Or did she just want to sniff "Winston's Patio"??

She is still in the thought process deciding what to do.

In the meantime Stella and Sadie are screaming "come on"!!!

Heidi finally finds her spot and sits down. For new readers you may not understand the excitement so far in this post. I know it's only a basset hound that went outside to lay in the yard .... but for months Heidi has not had any motivation to even go or be outside longer than it takes to dump her tanks. Thus ... excitement shared by the bloodhounds and I.

Once Sadie and Stella saw their job was finished trying to get Heidi to come outside and enjoy the sunshine - they decided it was time to relax and soak up some rays.

I found it interesting after weeks of her constantly scratching, almost non-stop day and night ... during this photo shoot she didn't stop to scratch one time. Is it the blankets she lays on? Or the stale air from a house closed up for the winter?

She even got up to walk around and check out some of the backyard area. Of course whenever Sadie thinks she is missing something important, she will join the sniffing expedition.

Not long after the search mission, Heidi found a different spot to lay in the sun. I am really glad to see her outside and not wanting to run back into the house.

It certainly looked like she was about to head back inside ... but just like before, she made an abrupt turn and headed back out into the yard.

Throughout the 116 photos I ended up taking, Stella did a little roaming. She checked out the north side of the yard to make sure that drainage ditch by the neighbors house had not disappeared. She glanced back at me to see if I was paying attention to what she was doing ... then slowly walked back to a nice warm spot in the sun and took a short nap.

Nap time ... she has a procedure she likes to follow.

That spot must have been the wrong spot ... it wasn't more than 15 minutes she stood, walked about 5' to the left and found another spot to sleep in.

She also likes to include periods of deep thought between naps.

As Sadie was doing one of her favorite outdoor hobbies ... chewing sticks into 1" pieces and spitting them out ... I noticed Heidi had disappeared while I sat with my eyes closed. When I didn't see her standing by the door I knew she had to be in the front yard ... but where?

About the time I called out the trusty bloodhounds to help me find her ... Sadie had the scent ... out comes Heidi from the Yews.

Those are two proud bloodhounds knowing they had found her so quickly ... didn't even have to move.

The wind may be howling today but it was a beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. The colors are really popping in all the recent photos. All the sky shots and super green grass are really nice. So very pleased to see Heidi outside. She does look like she's filled in a bit around the ribs. Gosh, if she does have worms, that would have been about the last thing I'd expect with her because she doesn't eat the same outdoor goodies as S&S. But the worms could be microscopic, not readily seen, and can cause weight loss. I hope she continues to improve. She's such a little thing now compared to her older photos...

    1. The sky was so blue today it was unbelievable. With 3-4 days of solid rain, although light at times, has made the grass really green. If Heidi had any kind of worms this is the first vet out of four that even mentioned it. She is quite little compared to when I got her in July 2011 but when you have a 26% weight loss from September 2014 - June 2015, she has no choice but to look skinny.

      I think she has been a pretty sick basset hound this past 18 months. She has aged a lot this year in her face. Yet the blood work from two different vets this past year had perfect readings with her liver, kidneys working normal. Red blood cell count normal. Nothing in the blood work shows she is sick. A couple of other people locally think it's stress.

      I do know that when I look at the spreadsheet journal I have kept for her, each time there has been an "event", her skin rash has exploded with redness and her chewing has increased.

      I have also thought since I stopped the RESPIT shots last spring, they had something to do with it. She did lose 7 of those 12 pounds between April 1 and June 7 of last year.

  2. I guess it could be stress with Heidi, but what is she stressed about?

    I am not saying to stop feeding her whichever food she is eating, but maybe go ahead and cook some organic beef or chicken and chop up a few pieces of cooked organic sweet potato, and leave the skin on. Give her as much of that as she will eat each day. It is incredible how my son’s new dog is growing and I feel pretty confident that it is what he is being fed, along with eating all he wants. When they gave him his first meal of beef and sweet potato, he ate all of it except the sweet potato skin. Now that his teeth are getting stronger, he eats the skin too.