Monday, March 14, 2016

Domain Change

I have decided to close the current domain name earlier than the expiration date. So for those that follow this blog on a regular basis you should change your bookmarks/favorites to:

This will be the last domain change for this blog. The change will happen some time this week and no later than Friday. will be deleted.


  1. I don't claim to know what the hell is going on with this internet stuff,(True, I used to be a tech geek but always over on the commercial side with mainframes and super computers running some form of UNIX, never on the consumer side with PC's, windows, browsers, etc.) but at the moment if I put into my browser it pops back over to

    1. It will do that as long as the .com domain is active. Once I cancel that domain, it will not work when it's typed or clicked. The the domain will show up in the address bar as the blog url ... after I delete the .com domain.