Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hounds Are Happy - I'm Happy

It's amazing how different you feel when the weather is nice outside. I think the hounds feel the same way as I do. We spent a lot of time outside today but the grass was still wet at 1 pm. From all the rain the ground is really soft - a hound walk will be determined later in the day with hopes the sun helps dry out the field.

I need some feedback. Nothing major ... do you like blogs that have a list of posts on the first page, something you can scroll through or do you like to read blogs that have one post per page and in the end you have to click the link named "older posts"??

I changed this one for the first time ever to just one post per page. I'm just curious on reader's responses.

Like did with Stella when I first got her at the end of August 2015, I let her run free today but only when I was outside. They both headed back to their normal places in the field. Maybe they didn't like the field because it was heavily saturated? Stella didn't take long by walking out to the bush line. With the zoom camera lens not focusing I could not tell if she had crossed that threshold and was in the wooded area.

I yelled her name loud ... she came sprinting back to the house. After a little more wandering, she tried to get Sadie in the mood to wrestle ... but Sadie wasn't in the mood today.

I didn't have to carry Heidi outside but I did have to go into the bedroom to let her know she was going outside today one way or another. She immediately jumped up from her blankets and ran to the door to go outside. This morning I was bragging how much better her skin had been looking the past few days ... only to see this afternoon it was back to being red again.

It looks like it is time for another Epsom Salt soak for her and a bath. That really helped a couple of weeks ago.

Here is a photo I took today to show just how tall the grass is after 4 days of rain. This was before the sunshine had a day to help it get even taller. The photo with Stella also shows that one section of yard I spoke of this morning, that was helped with Winston's fertilizer this past winter.

Sunday, late afternoon while there was a short period of sun and the rain had stopped, I went to the north side of the front yard and cut some small trees down to ground level. Cutting them thinned out the area and they are not something I want growing to full size. Consequently the burn pile grew and it will have to dry out over the summer before I can light that pile on fire. It will be a good fall burning, probably the same time I an raking the leaves.

Time will tell if I cut the grass today for the first time in 2016, the middle of March, in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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