Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hounds Go On An Early Morning Walk

After having winds all night between 20-25 mph, the temps had dropped about 25 degrees by the time we were up at outside. It was still windy, air was cold but the sunshine was out and there is nothing better than that. It was the normal morning routine but I can tell that the change in time has also changed me and the hounds just a little this week.

After their breakfast, a short nap while I scanned the internet while drinking coffee ... we we were ready to head out for a walk. Heidi turned down the offer. She had piled her blankets up a certain way where she would lay and sleep with the sunshine hitting her directly through the window ... needless to say, she wasn't moving.

The ground was still saturated and at times I could feel the water go above the soles of my Nike's on the side. The hounds were pretty energetic this morning. Evidently there was a lot of deer traffic last night because they rarely stayed in one spot very long before taking off for another. As you can tell from the clouds, it's windy and even looks like the low 50's ... still good weather for a morning walk.

Sadie and Stella stayed in front of me for most of the walk. They didn't investigate very long at different spots. Always on the move.

I'm not sure what Stella found to either get a good wiff of or to eat ... but she had her head buried in the thick grass and I could hear that noise that bloodhounds make with their jowls and nose when they are locked into a scent.

She sprinted past me so fast I had no chance to catch her with the camera. She went directly where I suspect deer may be sleeping. As you can see the bushes are really turning green fast with all the rain the past few days.

Without saying a word to her, she sprinted past Sadie and I again and headed to one of her favorite spots, to the far right corner of the field that borders a large deep gully. She was beside herself going back and forth and eventually came back to the corner of the gully. At no time did I have to call her name.

About the same time that I turned to see where she was and what she was doing, she was already right behind me at full speed. She veered around Sadie and I once again and it definitely looked like she was headed to her "no fly zone", until I yelled her name. She stopped and Sadie joined her waiting for me to catch up.

Yes ... she is headed 'that way' but when she heard her name, she turned and came toward me. Once again she did not look happy. Unlike a few days ago where she pouted and walked following Sadie and I at her own pace ... she sprinted by us again ... I guess she decided today to get in some interval training for her cardio workout.

Sadie and Stella take off, faster than just a trot but both stopped to wait on me when I yelled their names. I guess all of that built up cabin fever made both of them pretty energized this morning.

Still waiting for me to catch up ... they never moved from that spot until I was with them. Still a lot of interest in that area of the deep drainage ditch that Stella visited the other day. I can tell she would love to head that direction.

It was Sadie today that decided to hang back. She had found something very interesting to her. I did not have to call her name but when she saw Stella and I continue our walk towards the house ... she came sprinting towards us. She will be 8 years old in a couple of months but still does an occasional run at times.

As I post this, all three hounds are sound to sleep and the place is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I am thinking of taking all of them with me today when I go grocery shopping. The times I have done that on short trips, Stella has moved all over the inside of the FJ trying to see me or find me by looking out the window but she has not chewed anything nor damaged anything inside the FJ while she waits.

I have decided to leave 3-5 posts on the first page of the blog. A lot of readers only scroll through the photos and that may be their only reason to show up, to look at photos of the hounds. That's fine with me. I love taking the photos and know that people enjoy looking at them. I thought this morning I'd go back to one post per day but for some reason I feel like writing multiple posts per day.  Like everything else with me, I am sure the number of posts per day will change in the future but I will leave more than one post on the front page.

It looks like another great day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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