Sunday, March 06, 2016

Spring Temps Have Arrived

I could tell as soon as I looked outside with the sunshine just starting to break through the clouds that the spring temperatures in the forecast had arrived. Today was already a good day. It wasn't long after a cup of coffee that I went back outside with the camera. Once they saw me follow them outside they had one thing and one thing only on their mind ... going for a morning walk. It was 28° but seemed much warmer.

As we made the turn right I could hear the heavy equipment we heard yesterday. The hounds were really interested in what they were hearing and I was a little concerned they might try to run to where the noise was coming from. I stood there for a while trying to focus with the camera on what was going one but couldn't find anything where the camera would auto focus. I decided as long as the hounds stayed near me, we would continue instead of turning around.

By the time we got to the brush line the equipment was on the other side of the field, farther away from us.

The hounds were pretty laid back in the morning and did nothing but sleep until lunch was served. Heidi is looking good and also as active as normal. Yet she had no interest in the afternoon walk. Mid afternoon it was so nice with the temps near 60° I decided it was time to walk again. Great weather where no jacket was required.

This afternoon's walk was a little different. Sadie followed Stella off to the right. I'm not sure what they had found to eat but I wasn't stopping just to see what they would do. I was able to go all the way to the path where we make the turn home. You will see in the sequence of photos that Sadie finally decided she was getting left behind and started running. It wasn't long that Stella passed her as they both sprinted toward me.

They were both taking their time getting home. My burn pile is building and I still have a fresh supply of sticks to pickup in the yard to add to the pile.

It's a beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Your dogs look like best friends.

    1. Deciding to add Stella to the crew has been a really good decision. Sadie has someone her size and strength to play with, hang out with inside. I was hesitant about adding Stella not because she would be a 4th hound but because of the breed. I didn't know if two bloodhounds would be too hard to handle .. there is some work involved at times, it's not as easy as the photos look.

      When I bought Sadie as a puppy, her and Winston played constantly. As Sadie got bigger and older, of course Winston being 4 years older was getting older and slower so they didn't hardly play at all but would walk together. Since Stella arrived Aug 30, there has never been a fight over anything between the hounds. So I would have to say they have been best friends from the start.