Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Stella Has A 4 Hour Test

I don't have a lot of dialog for today's post. I left home this morning around 10am and didn't get back until a little after 2pm. We did get a walk in this morning before I left. Skies were clear, ground was soggy and the air was cold (38°). Stella came running each time I called her name. 

It was so nice early that we decided to take off for the morning walk and forgot about all the rain yesterday until I heard the sounds of the soggy ground with each step I took. It wasn't that bad enough to turn around and cancel the walk, so we continued.

Stella is running from the brush area where a lot of the deer hang out.

At her normal spot off to the right. I wanted to get pretty far ahead of her so I might be able to get some photos of her running, as long as my Nikon D3200 camera wanted to work.

When we got over to the tall high power lines tower, she kind of headed that direction of the "no fly zone" and when I called her name she came back on our path.

On the way back both hounds found time to play, instigated by Stella. It's funny to see them playing in an all out effort and then stop suddenly - stare - and then walk together like nothing has been going on.

While I was away from the house for a little over 4 hours, Stella actually was pretty good. No damage really but I could tell she and Sadie had been wrestling and running around the room. On the hardwood floor they were or she was able to slide the bed away from the wall, then pull all the blankets and sheets off the bed, down to the mattress. In the center of the bed were all of the bones I had left for them ... on the floor by the dog bed.

They must have had fun while I was gone. Heidi in the meantime spent her 4 hours in charge of the house with free range.

Great weather today in 'the tropics" of Southern Indiana today.


  1. Apparently you don't fully grasp bone-shui. The hounds are just trying to rearrange things for the best energy flow in the room. At least that's the excuse our dog used to lay on us. . .

  2. I almost hate to say anything for fear of jinxing, BUT thumbs up for Stella's continued good behavior on the tests. Four hours is awesome!