Thursday, March 24, 2016

Stella's & Sadie's 1st Trip Of Day

It's never good to have coffee at 10pm ... not even a cup. That gave me way too much time on my hands late last night. I will get to that story later in this post.

With a late night I was still up earlier than normal this morning. I even beat the hounds in waking up. It is somewhat funny that they too are in the process of changing with daylight savings time.

You can see by the photos this morning it was still dark enough that the flash automatically got involved. Not a drop of rain overnight, when the predictions called for a 75% chance of high winds and thunderstorms. From the way the skies look, maybe the storms are delayed until later this morning.

Like any one of us, the energy level of the hounds change just like ours. I could tell right from the start this morning their's were going to be a pretty low. No running, no wrestling, Stella not howling for her breakfast and Sadie not hopping up and down excited to eat. Heidi did sprint from bed to her food dish and then sprinted just as fast to get back on her blankets ... she never goes out until after lunch.

Today instead of running, they slowly walked out into the field to find that perfect spot to dump their tanks. Those are out there somewhere, never the same place so it takes them a while to find them. I'll not bore you showing their process.

Today's trip was short. They didn't wander, they did what they had to do and came back to the house without me saying a word. Normally they run to the house but today each took their time walking one step at a time. Is it because I woke them up before 8am and before it was really bright outside?

Or is it the weather?

Stella may run fast but she also has the slowest walk of all time ... really slow. That's the normal first trip outside for Sadie and Stella. The are back to sleep with Heidi within minutes of walking inside the house. They usually sleep until around 10am, when Sadie will come and tell me it's time for the first walk of the day.

Last night while I was updating older post, making all them "full" justified and I saw what Blogger did once I updated an older post last night, making it the most recent after I clicked the update button ... yes, the one right below this one on the front page ... that lead me to search for information about the "why". I didn't find a lot of answers but a lot of Blogger people had been searching on Google asking the same question.

I sat for a while looking at the blog trying to decide whether to delete that post so that my most recent post was the last one I made about the hounds taking a 7pm walk. I tired a few different things in hope that post would fall back to its original order around March 19 ... it didn't.

From there I started thinking that maybe that full justification really didn't look right. I thought back to my times at work when I would not choose that option writing papers because of the uneven spaces between words ... although that even right edge sure looks nice. I didn't like the uneven spacing between words.

So my brains cells start gathering all of this information to process. It's late, way past midnight. The brain cells are in the over-active mode. I have a lot of blog ideas running through my mind. Time of day was not a factor.

You can do that when you drink just a cup of coffee at 10pm at night.

I then did a search on what kind of justification was best for a blog. At the very top of the search was my answer. When I read this it did not take me long to decide to go back to the posts I had change and change them back to NO justification.


As soon as I saw "hard to read" ... that was all I needed to know. I didn't want you to have problems reading the blog on a smart phone, or a tablet or a laptop ... I wanted to make it normal as possible. After I changed those post back to the original format, where the spaces between words are the same ... it certainly was easier to read.

So you will notice all the posts have the jagged right edge but each space between the words is the same ... as it should be.

Well I need a 2nd cup of coffee and I have to make some plans today to get some things done ... something more than living on the internet. March Madness is back on tv tonight with the first college basketball game starting a little after 7pm ET, so I am good for the next 4 days. :)

I just remembered what I was going to say yesterday but couldn't remember. I am not sure what Blogger has been doing lately but I noticed that some of the blogs on my blogroll on the left side, were gone!!! Some of the blogs I've been reading for at least 4 years, were not there. So I went back and added them to the sidebar along with a few new ones I found. There is a lot of good information there if you are interesting in traveling via a RV. Not many have large hounds, if any at all.

Will it finally rain today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana?


  1. I recently bought a Kimble Paperwhite and have now loaded two e-books from Project Gutenberg and they have both been formatted with full justification. Sometimes the appearance looks rather strange but I do not find it 'hard to read'. I think those negative reviews are based more on the occasional unexpected appearance rather than difficulty in reading.

    I'm sure you have read those paragraphs where only the first and last letters of the words were spelled correctly with mixed up letter in between yet you were able to read the paragraph. I think the same sort of thing happens with how we read whatever the justification. Think also about how easy it is to read something that splits the word with a hyphen at the end of a line to maintain the justification. Is that hard to read?

    1. Even though I can read anything and usually see all the hidden stuff that are tests sent on Facebook, I could still tell that "I" like reading the sentences with even spaces between words instead of different spacing when full justified.

      If I understand your question correctly ... the hyphen would be the last character on that line with the next word it goes to is on the next line ... I hate that actually but I can read it, not sure if it's easier.