Monday, March 21, 2016

The Hounds Love Their Walks

It was after lunch and after 1:30pm that Heidi finally decided to get out from under her blankets and take a trip outside.

She actually walked from the front yard to the back without any asking from me. That's a good sign that she is wanting to go in the back.

Although that was no further than "Winston's Patio" ... those red block are warm under the sun. They felt warm when I laid my hand on them.

Once Sadie and Stella saw her outside they were shocked and didn't move. Not really, Sadie was interested but all Stella did was pose for me as she chewed and swallowed something gross she found in the field.

No matter what, Heidi was not going to move off those brick slabs and turned to go back inside once she saw Sadie walking toward the house.

After they napped for a couple of hours, Sadie started giving me the stare down. That no longer means she just wants to go outside ... it means they want to go on a walk. As I let them outside they both stood in the driveway staring at me to see if a walk was going to occur. Once Stella realized where I was going, she came sprinting.

They really enjoy roaming the field and have become quite addicted to the two walk routine ... as much as they like being fed twice per day.

It was still cold most of the day but no complaints from 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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