Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Hounds Move Back To Old Routine

Yesterday didn't consist of much. I escaped from the house for over an hour to replenish my food supply. I looked at some different dog food without buying any ... and that meant Stella was left at the house with Sadie and Kong balls stuffed with treats.

She had been on what I call a 'hot streak' recently when I have left, by not having the separation anxiety where she would be destructive. By the way Sadie was panting when I got back and her dog bed moved to a different location on the floor, I suspect they had a long period of wrestling. Heidi stays in the living room while I am gone, for her own protection against possible rough bloodhound playing.

It was good to see Stella roaming and slowly inspecting the field yesterday afternoon. It was nice enough to sit outside in sunshine while the hounds, including Heidi, moved about the backyard. We did take a walk but without the camera this time. It was strange to see them walking close to me most of the way.

It was around 8pm when I glanced outside to see this. Another beautiful sunset here in 'the tropics'. Spring is one of my favorite times to live where I do. Since I like hot weather, there is really only about 3 months out of the year of bad weather for me.

Once the hounds woke me up this morning, it felt like it was later than the normal time of morning. They were about an hour early and of course wanting to eat breakfast more than they wanted to go outside. Still they go outside before eating breakfast for a very very short trip before they are back at the door wanting in because they know I've been pouring out dog food.

As it looks, a nice day is on the way. Temps in the low 30's and heavy dew, with a predicted high of the mid 60's. It looks like from the reflection from the sunshine I will be mowing part of the back yard and all of the front yard.

"The routine" came back today. Both hounds had deviated recently where they would just stand in the yard staring at me and wanting their walk at 7:30 or 8 in the morning. They use to slowly roam the field exploring while I was inside making my coffee. Today that routine returned. By the time I came back outside Stella had already completed her loop in the field to the north side of the yard. Notice that she always glances back to the neighbor's yard where she visited the drainage ditch a few weeks ago.

Once I said "come on" she came trotting to the house. Within minutes inside both bloodhounds were laying next to Heidi sound to sleep until the first walk of the day. From the amount of dew, it may not be dry in the field until after noon.

It's good to see everything so green. The old dead vines and stems in the field have disappeared, replaced by growing green grass. During the walks I can see a lot of new growth instead of a lot of weeds. It will grow until July when they make their first cut of hay. I hope as it gets warmer this spring that Heidi returns to participate in the daily walk. Something tells me that won't happen.

For people that blog on Blogger, a few days ago I mentioned I started loading all of my photos first, before a word is written. I am finding it much easier to write the post that way and it's faster. Very little format adjustments if any, to get the paragraphs spaced after the photos.

My other blog on Wordpress with just a few photos per post and only a sentence or two of content is working out well. I can post there multiple times per day if I want or just a photo and a thought. I can confirm for whatever reason, the same exact photos on each blog look different on the different blog platforms. Photos on Wordpress are much clearer and a sharper quality. I have that blog listed on my sidebar.

You can't beat the weather right now in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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