Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"The Tropics" Turn Cold

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This post was written and posted on March 19, 2016

Experiencing a little cold front here in 'the tropics' this morning. They predicted it and it has come true ... but I am still sticking with my declaration from a few weeks ago that "winter is over".

As I promised, our lives here on Thursday and Friday stopped around noon and I was bolted to the couch until almost 11 pm with one college basketball game after another. Four different channels were showing them at the same time. So between the many commercials, and close games in the last 5 minutes of games, there has been a lot of channel surfing ... along with texting old friends from college scattered around the USA.

The hound's daily routine didn't change much as you will see in the photos further down this page. The weather basically went from this to this ... compare the two Stella photos for the current weather.

Yesterday - Sunny

Today - Rainy & Cold
It's not that cold, somewhere in the 40's but that is a 30° drop from the temps just the other day. Yesterday was cooler and nice. The hounds had their morning walk, lunch, sleeping. Somewhere later in the afternoon between games or breaks in the action ... we took off for the afternoon walk.

Heidi is starting to come outside more often. I thought she might even be tempted to join Sadie and Stella for the walk but she had other ideas. She likes the front yard and I feel confident she will stay near the house since she has never headed for the highway.

Stella did well off the leash on the walk. I didn't let her get far in either direction and she came when called. About half way she decided she had enough of the strict control ... so she started to play with Sadie. Sadie is never interested in playing while on a walk ...

They both sprinted for the house when I said "lets go home".

As I was close to the yard I noticed Heidi was on the north side of the yard checking out the fence line. She laid in the sunshine even after we came inside. Only when I asked her from the window, if she wanted to eat, did she come running to be let inside. Her appetite has always been good.

This morning has been a different day though. Neither Sadie nor Stella want to stay outside long with a light off and on rain. Sadie is into eating grass today and Stella is not motivated to do much of anything. They will be happy to sleep again today with the cooler temps ... while I watch another 8 basketball games.

Even with the 40's and light rain ... all is good in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. We had a cold-front sweep through here last night which took us from near 90 yesterday to not quite making it to the 70's today, but unlike up there, the weather is absolutely gorgeous here and, unlike Sadie, I'm not driven to eating the grass. In fact apparently I'm not driven to doing much at all today beyond getting the latches installed on a project. Sad thing is, I'm not much of a basketball fan so I don't really have an excuse. . .

    1. Consider yourself lucky not being a sports fan. It's a lot more healthier not to be a fan of any sport.

  2. I was a one time baseball fan. Went to a lot of the Bisbee-Douglas Copper Kings games when I was growing up. Lots of history associated with that team.
    Sort of lost interest when I quit watching TV.

    But, became a fan of the Tour de France during my bicycling days. I had a TV in Bulgaria and one channel was EuroSports, sort of like ESPN. They carried the Tour start-to-finish every day. That was great.

    They also carried billiard matches (not pool, but billiards) that is a lot like watching a cricket match, grass grow or paint dry. There are also BIG truck obstacle course competitions that they televise which is only slightly more exciting. Then there were the sumo matches on TV in Japan - what a yawn those were.

    I'm now healthy - not a sports fan.

    1. I watch the TOF every morning in July ... I tried waiting until they rerun at 8pm every night but I couldn't hold out. So for 21 days in July I get nothing started outside until the TOF is finished that day ... look for NBCsports channel or you might be able to watch on the TOF website.

      I love going to minor league baseball games. AAA teams are the only minor league teams close to 'the tropics'.