Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Good Sports Day For An Addict

It wasn't long after this morning's post that I glanced to my right while on the computer and there sat two bloodhounds in stone silence, giving me the eye ... it was time for them to be fed. As usual it took longer to pour out the measured cups of kibble into 3 different bowls than it took for all three dogs to eat it. 

Heidi made her one and only appearance outside but unlike yesterday it was one of her quick out and back in trips and she called it a day. The weather was nice to get a walk in and Stella was so anxious about it, she took off running from the start.

One every walk Sadie will 'escort' me through the first part of the walk by trying to grab my hand with her mouth, similar to holding hands I guess. She soon realized that Stella might get something she would want so she left me and took off sprinting to catch up with Stella.

They stay ahead of me for the 1st part of the walk and then fell way behind. I didn't yell for them to come at all today ... I let them go at their own speed and I only stopped my walk when I took the photos.

Stella saw that I was not joking around and was going to leave them ... she came running. She ALWAYS will run following the path that I took, where Sadie always takes the short cut.

On the way, Stella found something else that was interesting ... Sadie and I kept walking, not even looking aback until this running photo was taken.

While Sadie walked to the house right next to me ... she had her exercise for the day ... Stella wandered off and found a 3rd spot that she wasn't going to leave. Once she saw Sadie and I get to the house, she decided she had better get home ... of course ... she took her own path.

They were in for a surprise. Heidi didn't want to go, but the bloodhounds were as excited about going for a ride in the FJ as much as they do going for a walk. Dairy Queen for lunch and back in time to start watching the Reds game at 1:10pm.

I know it's really really early in the MLB season but when your team is predicted to lose 100/162 games by the tv "experts" .. then starting the season 5-1 is nice.

By the time the baseball game was over ... it was a channel flip to CBS to watch the last 9-13 holes of The Masters. It was so nice and sunny in Augusta Ga that I wasn't paying attention to what was taking place outside my window ... until I saw lightning really close and a huge bang of thunder soon after.

Stella jumped from sleeping on the couch onto her feet, her ears back, tail between her legs and pacing in no specific direction. The storm was loud outside and something I never expected. While it stormed I was just hoping I would not lose my DirecTv reception, not only for the golf I was watching ... but I was also taping the bicycle race on NBCsports - Paris to Roubaix, racing over the cobblestones.

Although the storm was intense, I never lost reception. Stella went back to sleep as soon as I assured her the thunder was not inside the house. Heidi and Sadie never woke up.

So for a sports junkie like me, the day turned out pretty well ... I still have the bicycle race to watch.

Probably warmer outside than it is inside my house right now here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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