Tuesday, April 12, 2016

All They Wanted Was Their Walk

Due to staying up too late watching baseball games on the west coast, this past week I've gotten up to let the hounds out and fed them breakfast every morning at 'their' normal time, but would go back to bed. Sleeping 2:30am - 7:00 am is never a good deal.

So this morning was no different and by the time the first cup of coffee was consumed the skies were clear blue and the sunshine had returned in full force. We start the slow climb to 76° these next few days.

The hounds ate their first meal as fast as ever and then immediately went into their 'stare down' wanting to walk. At 7am it was still too wet to walk anywhere, plus I was going back to sleep. Is that too much info?

As soon as that first cup was consumed both bloodhounds were standing like those bloodhound end tables you may have seen being sold on the internet. I knew they were ready to go ... wet ground and all. Yes ... it was still very saturated with all the rain we got yesterday. The higher we walked the wetter the ground became.

With the day off and all that rain to wash away the old smells and giving them new smells to explore ... the hounds were not only high energy, they were all over the place on this walk. So many places to go that they were almost in a frantic state as they scrambled back and forth along the walk.

At this point in time I was sure they had locked into something and would never stop running. Luckily I did not see any deer on the horizon but they had found plenty of the deer tracks to make them almost take off over the edge and down into the gully. A quick loud yell helped them change their minds.

Once again Stella had a mind of her own and I didn't even bother trying to get her to move. I just kept walking. Little did I know she would find another 3-4 places to stop along the way home.

They may have started running together but something caught Stella's interest ... over toward 'the no fly zone' which goes from the back of the field and anything past 10' toward the left if I am looking toward the back of the field.

This pose always confuses me ... since any bred of dogs don't see well, what does she see?? Or is it her nose that is getting her to pose like that?

Once again I was not going to even attempt to yell to come on because she was going to ignore me anyway. It's the DNA of the bloodhound breed. Sadie stood watch for a while, looking back at me and then back to Stella. She decided it was time to leave Stella and came running toward me.

As usual once Stella figures out no one was with her ... she came sprinting and just brushed up against my leg at full speed. I have to watch her up until the very last second and dodge if needed because she has at times hit me at full speed and didn't even flinch.

Living proof the walk was wet ... the Nike's are not waterproof.

I'll continue some reading about the online biz I mentioned yesterday but with weather being so nice today, I'll be outside most of the afternoon enjoying the weather. I need to get up on the roof today and check some spots after the high winds the other night. I also need to do a little more on that fence that I keep trying to repair.

Some things are changing in the online sales business that may make my decision pretty easy to not pursue it and continue to be a retired "slacker" ... which I can handle.

Amazon and eBay are in the process of making it impossible to sell products and have them drop shipped from the supplier. I always liked that type of drop ship business because I would have 3,000 - 10,000 items listed in both stores plus a separate website and would not have to spend a dime on inventory ... until a sale was made and then paying for only the item that had sold.

In addition to those changes, the NFL doesn't like their officially licensed merchandise being sold on Amazon and eBay, where it cuts in THEIR BILLION dollar business, so they are attempting to ban those sellers and threatening the suppliers. If one pro sport wins that battle you can expect the NBA and MLB to follow suit. Here is the article that discusses it. Sure counterfeit products are part of the problem but all of my suppliers are authenticated and legit.

So ... I am beginning to think it might be a lot nicer sitting back in the sunshine drinking ice tea after a fresh cut yard ... enjoying 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Sorry if I keep repeating myself, but in my ex life, we had 30 acres and half of that was woods. The deer would normally bed down in those woods or close to the edge of the tree line, and then they came out at night and grazed on the new stuff coming up in the filed. I remember many times when our lab and beagles would run all over the field, right behind our house, smelling those deer scents, especially in the morning.

    P.S. I think ignoring people is the DNA of almost any hound no? Not all, but most of the beagles I’ve “known” have been exactly like that.

    1. It's find to repeat yourself since my memory is decreasing at a rapid rate at times. That does make sense based on the crazy patterns the hounds were running. The also go down to the wooded area next to my neighbors house and you can see their worn path cross ours going from woods to woods.

      Yes, ignoring and being stubborn is part of the hound and will not change.

  2. I’ve been a casual online seller (Amazon and Ebay) over the years, and get the frustration regarding rule changes with online sales that seem to favor big companies and squash competition.

    For example, Amazon changed their rules for DVD sellers. It used to be anyone could sell dvds for any price. Now, “old timers” (people who sold dvds between September 2013 and September 2014) are restricted to selling them for less than $25 unless they apply for a special application. All new sellers need to apply and get approval to sell in the video/dvd category now and that requires jumping through hoops with an application and fees.

    $25 for a dvd doesn’t sound “restrictive” but some dvd products come in sets or series with more than one disk which can now essentially only be sold for a really low price. The rule really threw a wrench at casual sellers just trying to unload used stuff we didn’t want or need anymore.

    I mostly sold books or fitness dvds, and some household stuff. Some suspected the company called “Beach Body” had something to do with this rule change because their products were being pirated. Before Amazon changed their rule, there were stories that “Beach Body” was harassing sellers by asking them to prove where they had purchased the original product.

    1. I remember the time I was a full time seller on ebay when Meg left and someone from Google became the CEO. He changed everything to be like Amazon. So while you and I were paying listing fees, those big companies were invited to list on ebay for free. 10's of thousands of their items for free plus burying everyone else's products in search. Keyword titles meant nothing.

      I may look at some other auction sites to sell some things here at home I've been wanting to get rid of. I don't like Craig's list nor do I want strangers showed up to the house to pick up what they bought.