Monday, April 18, 2016

An Normal Walk To End The Day

I guess after this morning's excitement it was inevitable the rest of the say would be anti-climatic. After all normal days are slow and laidback where we live. Plus, the hounds need time to recover before their next all out springs.

The rest of the day was sitting outside in the sun soaking up some rays. With all three hounds laying in the grass, Stella sleeping, I thought it possible I might be able to cut Sadie's toenails. She must smell the clipper because as soon as I touched her foot, she got up and sprinted to the field.

Heidi laid on her back and let me cut four paws worth plus a couple of dew clothes. Stella also laid and raised her paws up for easy access for cutting.

With games of Mahjong that were over 3:30 times I tried to complete them below the 3:30 mark. I made some in the 3:15 range. By late afternoon I was thinking it would have to be Chinese food for dinner ... downtown for the buffet.

Not until I opened the door did I realize it was a Monday and they don't have the buffet on Mondays. Instead I filled my stomach with szechaun pork and white rice, three egg rolls.

I was planning waiting for the temps to drop a little before we took off on the afternoon walk but Sadie seemed anxious so off we went in 86° temps.

Again Heidi was not enthused about walking until she almost got to the field and then started trotting through the field while I tried getting her leash unhooked on the run.

Off in the distance I saw a "hawk" take off from ground level and of course the bloodhounds thought they could catch it ... that running this morning took it out of them and they didn't last long ... Heidi didn't attempt to run, just kept walking.

Either they smelled deer or it was "wishful thinking" as all three turned and looked toward the wooded area on the left side by the neighbors house just to double check the deer from this morning had not returned.

Major disappointment for them, nothing was there ... the rest of the walk was slow .. slow ... and slower.

Heidi led the way home but spent most of her walk with her nose to the ground and her ears dragging the ground to keep the scent in front of her nose.

I am thinking that daily exercise by walking might help Heidi rebuild her muscle mass and help in the process of putting on weight. She was happy to get home and celebrated by a sprint inside the house, nose diving into the carpet to scratch the sides of her nose.

Sadie and Stella both headed for a fresh supply of filtered water.

I caught this sunset sequence last night ... it's looking the same tonight. Anyway I like how the sun can reach from in back of the field across the highway and reflect off of my wooded area by the yard.

It was another great day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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