Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bloodhounds Play & Heidi Takes The Morning Walk

Earlier today after Stella and Sadie checked out the ground, we found it was not muddy like after a typical rain. It was more like a really heavy dew in the field. I went in to get Heidi and she trotted to the door, made a left turn and headed to the field. Once again I took the leash off and let her go at her own pace today.

Sadie and Stella were happy to be able to walk, Heidi seemed to enjoy it but I was a little off by the amount or wet grass. Just after starting my feet were soaked. I need to get some rubber boots for wet walking.

I could tell that Heidi was more into her own wandering instead of walking. She never tried to stay in front of the other hounds nor me. So after Sadie and Stella were so far ahead of me and she was behind, I let her enjoy her exploring and I walked with Stella and Sadie.

I turned to look a final time at Heidi and she was making no forward progress ... on we went.

Stella practically sprinted for her favorite far right hand corner of the field. Sadie wasn't far behind. I'm not sure what they expected but before I knew it, Stella had walked into the wooded area ... too far.

Once I called her name, she came out running toward Sadie and they were off down the back edge of the field.

It looked like this around us, but I didn't hear thunder plus the radar showed nothing as far as rain when we started the walk.

Once again I had to call Stella's name once she took off for the 'no fly zone' and she came running to catch up to me and Sadie, without hesitation.

As we got closer to the house and had just made the slight veer to the left, Sadie saw Heidi and took off. Stella didn't want to miss any of the action.

I don't think she even left the spot from when I left her. She may have wandered in circles but it was at the same location. She turned around when I said "let's go home" and walked in on the outgoing path we use.

Stella decided it was time to play. She sprinted to the house after Heidi started walking and waited for Sadie to get into the yard. You'll have to excuse the 'pooper scooper' but that is a convenient place for it. I only use if for Heidi's front yard disposals.

Heidi did not try to join in on the fun but got involved just walking to the house as Stella completed her turning fake out.

Due to all this playing the bloodhounds have been sleeping most of the afternoon. Heidi hung out on the couch trying to get her baby socks off after the 1pm application of ointment.

The socks are a 'catch 22' .. they keep her from licking the ointment off her feet but keep the area too moist. She does get the four socks off eventually and has been sleeping more than itching. I have more or less made up my mind that I will finish the 28lb bag of the grain free food and will use both tubes of Wounded Warrior Ointment before I make any decision to change.

I am not going to mix and match baths, ointment or Epsom salts but do one at a time. I need to see what works and what doesn't. Same with the food.

The food will last around 56 days since the bloodhounds eat a different kind. I am not sure how long the two tubes of ointment will last but I would think after they are empty I will know if it works or not.

Plan B - If WWO does not work, it will be a bath with the Burt's Bees Shampoo and then leave on applications of a mixture that is one cup of vinegar per gallon of water. That is suppose to kill the layers of yeast infection.

Plan C - If the water/vinegar mixture does not show improvement I will go back to having the vet give her allergy steroid shots for the first time since September 2014 when they had stopped lasting ore than a week.

Time will tell.

Well the sun just popped out of the clouds ... I think the bloodhounds and I can get another walk in. It will be up to Heidi if she wants to go or not.

It's a cool and damp afternoon here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Good photos of the hounds playing today

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked them.