Monday, April 18, 2016

Heidi Flushes Out A Deer

I will be posting 2-3 posts today about this morning's walk but I wanted to get these photos up quick for you to see what Heidi did this morning. I will discuss more in detail in the next post but here are unedited, non-cropped photos telling the story.

I hear Heidi barking but can't find her. As you see in the first photograph she is nowhere in the immediate area.

Just over that hill towards my house in that photo, a deer bounces out in panic mode with Heidi in pursuit and baying loudly nonstop. The deer heads towards me and  Sadie in a panic mode and is sprinting, running dodging looking for a way out ... while Heidi barked loudly and running as fast as those basset hound legs would carry her.


By the time I caught the deer with the camera it has sprinted from the back of my house, across the next lot and the wooded area shown below. She was already behind my neighbors 3 lots away. Of course the bloodhounds went from a quiet stroll back home to a full out sprint.

Stella in pursuit

Sadie so excited doesn't know which direction to go

Heidi still in pursuit baying

Sadie wanting to run to me to tell me what happened
All three hounds came back when I kept calling "come here" ... I have no idea where the deer came from because when I saw the deer it was about 50' from my house in the backyard based on the location of where I first saw her.

More details in the next post -- cropped zoomed photos -- in the meantime you can click these for a larger view.

Never a dull moment in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. See what happens when Heidi is off her leash? She turns into a ‘wild child.’ ;)

    Just kidding, but whether your dog ‘flushes’ a deer or horseback riders do it, there is always a lot of excitement. Years ago my two sons and I were riding our horses through the woods, when a fawn jumped up and took off, and my horse almost unseated me when he bolted and tried to run in the opposite direction.

    1. Here I was thinking this morning that her hips or rear legs might be sore from walking two days in a row ... LOL ... she was sprinting while I was taking photos of the deer.

      This is more deer chases than we have had in the 19 years I've lived here. All three times when the hounds have run out of sight chasing them, they have always come back which I am very thankful for. They both seem to like backtracking on the scent to make sure what they had in their noses.

      I can see a horse doing that ... I'm sure that was exciting for you trying to stay in the saddle.