Friday, April 15, 2016

Heidi Is a Happy Hound Again

FINALLY -- Heidi returned to being a happy basset hound yesterday, like her old basset hound self.

Where has that been after months and months of little activity and more hours of sleeping than I care to count? No, it's not the food change. I did give her a portion last night when I got home for her 3rd feeding of the day. She had the new Earthborn Great Plains Feast for breakfast this morning. It's WAAAAY to soon to show any kind of changes in her due to food.

It might be the Epsom Salts soak she had on Wednesday. That usually takes a couple of days after the soak for her skin to really calm down. Since that soak she has spent a lot of time in her old favorite spots in the living room instead of hiding out in the bedroom. Her spots in the living room are usually where the sunshine hits the floor or couch, while shining through the window.

It started when we got home yesterday from our 60 mile round trip where we bought the Earthborn dog food. She didn't want to ride in the FJ, plus the last couple of local trips she has acted car sick although she never got sick. So she stayed at home while Stella, Sadie and I headed to T&T Feeds in Bloomington Indiana.

To keep the bloodhounds occupied on the return trip I also picked up a couple of slim bully sticks, 2 feet long. I thought they would probably be gone by the time we returned home. As I opened the back of the FJ, Stella took off to the backyard with about 6" left in her mouth.

Sadie headed for the house with nothing. Since she had spent most of the return trip standing and looking out the window I had a sneaky suspicion that only one of those bully sticks were chewed and the other was somewhere in the FJ.

I was right. One of the two had fallen down inside between the front seats and the folded down back seats. So I cut the remaining one in half and gave each piece, about a foot long, to Heidi and Sadie. Heidi started wagging her tail as I handed it to her, trotting off to one of her spots on the floor. She never stopped chewing until the bully stick was gone.

I was only able to get a few photos plus every time I thought I had a good shot she would move, so these are the only ones I could come up with.

Afterwords she takes off sprinting in around the house, barking, going from room to room wanting me or Sadie to chase her. We did, without my camera in hand. Stella in the meantime had finished her bully stick and was standing outside the screen door wondering what all the excitement was about.

By the time she had wore me and Sadie out, she nose dived into the living room floor, wiping each side of her jaws of any left over drool from chewing the bully stick. She was growling to herself while cleaning the sides of her mouth.

While barking she rolled over on her back for a good long scratch, barking and growling at herself .... finished ... hopped up on the couch in the sunshine and thumped her tail against the back of the leather couch.

I am thinking her lack of activity was a combination of not feeling good and boredom. Even though there a LOT of balls and different bones to chew on ... she never uses them. She might feel those belong to Sadie and Stella. Yet she rarely played with them after her first few months of arriving in July 2011.

She obviously liked the slim bully stick and maybe that helped getting her out of any bored feelings she may have had. She has been going outside these past few days more and more, snooping around ... so hopefully she was just feeling the "winter blues" these past few months.

It was great to see her finally acting like she felt good and being the basset hound I remember before her skin issues started to get really bad. Maybe it's the warmer weather like I predicted a month or so ago ... that she likes it when the temps get above 70°. Hopefully we are close to where she will join us in the daily walks that she use to like so much.

An order for a bigger quantity of bully sticks will be placed this morning from Chewy.

We will see but I can tell from her activity yesterday she was feeling good, here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Wow. That's really impressive to see Heidi get out of the slumps like that!

    1. I was surprised but very very happy to see it. So far today she also been more active by going outside a few times, wandering back and forth between her sleeping spots on the couch and on the bed. I bought some more bully sticks at the local feed store that I will give them while I am outside mowing the yard. I'm thinking it might help with Stella's separation anxiety.

  2. Ah yes, give me a bully stick and it will keep me occupied for days and drag me out of the doldrums every time. . .

    1. I found out the local feed store has them, 3' long for $1.86.