Sunday, April 17, 2016

Heidi Is The Leader Of The Sunday Morning Walk

I woke up before dawn this morning. While Sadie snored from her bed in the corner of the room, the birds were so loud that I couldn't go back to sleep.

Finally a little after 7am Heidi was up to start the day with her daily body shake first thing every morning and that is what wakes the bloodhounds up. So the day was on. They had that look in their eye that they knew it was their breakfast time.

They hit their yard but didn't move into the field because something loud was coming from that direction. They were aware of something but didn't know what it was. It was a tractor in the field behind the one we walk in, moving slowly, discing his field.

Since they were not going in the field, we all returned to the house. Like I said in last nights post, the plan is to take Heidi on both walks during the day. I am assuming she is healthy enough to do that with her perfect blood work results just last month. As soon as I attached the leash to her collar while she was outside, she headed for the field knowing we were walking.

After about 50' I took the leash off of her and she immediately ran in front of me, leading the walk, just like the old days. Sadie and Stella went off on their own track while Heidi walked at her own slow pace, stopping to sniff spots too frequently.

She reminded me of Winston, lagging way behind, sniffing certain spots more than walking. The bloodhounds and I waited for her to catch up with her trotting some and walking some. Then Sadie and Stella took off to their deer bed spots.

As soon as I let her walk in front of me she took off up the path. It was GREAT to see her running in the field again, since yesterday was her first time walking since October 7th of last year.

When you are the leader of the walk you can do anything you want ... she found a spot she liked ... I'll find out later if she is allergic to grass because after this walk her skin should be red sometime today .. IF she is allergic to grass.

She got up long enough for the photo and then rolled back down. If I hadn't moved I think she could have stayed there most of the day.

While Sadie and Stella inspected the deer area ... Heidi decided to run forward ... it was like she knew she was the leader once again on the daily dog walk.

Stella of course stopped at her three favorite spots, got way behind as Sadie, Heidi and I continued to walk ... I did not even have to yell her name before she came running to catch us.

Here you can see where the farmer was discing his field early this morning getting ready to plant possibly this week before the rains show up.

You can barely see Stella in the center of the photos about the bush line.

In the meantime Heidi was on her own exploration. I can't tell you how good it is to see her back in the field enjoying herself. She even got into the trotting mode a few times.

From the past seven months it was like she was a new hound by the way she was acting. Is it because the change to warmer weather?

Leading Stella to the finish line while Sadie hung back to walk with me.

So she is off the leash much sooner than I expected. She has been leash free for years, really all the time except for the first two weeks after I brought her home. I was wrong I didn't bring her home in 2011 but June 28, 2012.

It looks like it's going to be another great day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. I always look forward to being let off the leash to run free in the field too!

    1. What do you do to bribe your wife to let you off leash? I bet she still keeps an eye on your while you run free ... or you are chained the tractor as you mow. :)

  2. Heidi looks so happy roaming and rolling around in the field like that. Its like she "forgot" how to have a good time until her memory was triggered with the collar and leash... Can't help but wonder what's been going on with her, but glad that you've been able to figure out some ways to help get her back to normal.

    1. Everyone from vets to friends have had their opinion. Some of the vets have no idea what is going on with her. Some friends feel that she is or has been depressed. I think it's been two things. By October Stella had been not quite two months, she has been glued to me since. Then in January when I put Winston down, her skin went nuts where she chewed her paws and legs around within the next 48 hours. She no longer had a hound her size when Winston was gone.

      Hopefully she will come around. I have a friend in NC that bought me some Wounded Warrior Ointment ... used on dogs for all kinds of injuries and skin issues overseas in a combat environment. It has anti-fungus, anti-bacteria properties and I should have that by the end of the week.

      She has been spending more time with us in other parts of the house besides hiding out in the bedroom. I hope she continues to get better in her activities.

  3. Yeah Heidi, you rock! Keep it up. I so hope that the new creme will help.

    1. The friend that picked up the ointment is a physical therapist. She lives in NC so she has seen Heidi only in pictures, not in person. She mentioned today that most if not all the lotions and oils I tried were moisturizers and not anti-fungus or anti-bacterial. She thinks them might work and I should have two tubes of it by later this week.