Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Heidi Ran This Morning

The hounds slept in late today and Heidi finally woke everyone up a little past 8:30am. No, I don't feel sorry for all that traffic flying by my house on the way to their jobs.

For a change it was slightly overcast, cooler temps and heavy dew on the yard.

The grass looked like it had grown a foot just overnight. I'll be mowing at least the backyard later today. As I looked at Heidi, for some reason her skin had exploded with redness and irritation. Then I found a couple of hot spots where she had been chewing over night.

While the hounds walked around I glanced over at my neighbors house that has been sitting empty for almost two years. One of the major commercial property owners in this small rural town bought it in July 2014 and put it up for sale a week later. It's listing prices is about 30% too high.

I've mowed my yard I think 5 times this year, that yard has not been mowed yet. It's becoming a dandelion forest. He does have someone that mows all of his commercial property yards .. not sure what they are doing here, maybe it's a tax write off? I would think if I was serious about selling a house I would keep the yard looking immaculate and wash off the mold on the north side of the house ... but that's just me.

After we came back outside for our 2nd trip of the day ... Sadie and Stella went on strike ... they were not going to walk or move until I took them for their morning walk in the field. It's amazing how their energy and expressions changed as I came back outside with Heidi.

At first I thought she was not going on the walk. When I asked, she ran from the kitchen to the living room and hopped up on the couch. I did the same thing I've done since Saturday afternoon ... attach the retractable leash to her collar even while she is sitting or laying down.

By the time we hit the edge of the yard and field, I took off the leash and she was off leading the pack for the walk.

When I thought about leaving her behind like yesterday so she could walk her own pace, she came running and moved back up to the front.

They were all interested in seeing the deer they saw yesterday. A lot of exploring but couldn't come up with anything positive. They kept looking back in that direction as we walked on.

I am not sure why Heidi has these hot spots ... one on her right paw and a bad one on the back of her right front leg where she has been scratching with her rear right leg. We are on Day 4 of the dog food change to grain free Earthborn Great Plains Feast.

Could it be a reaction to the grass she has been walking and rolling in the past 3 days? I should have my new ointment tomorrow in the mail. It's anti-fungus and anti-bacterial. All the other creams, salves I've used this past year were more of a moisturizer with zinc oxide.

She had her extremely long nails trimmed yesterday and they are still long. Still she must be feeling better because she ran more today on this walk than she has ran in over a year. If we can get the skin cleared up with the Wounded Warrior Ointment and get some anti-fungus shampoo that does not have oatmeal in it ... plus add a little weight ... she will be back to where she was. I am just happy to see her outside getting some exercise and enjoying the field.

Stella checked out her normal spots ... she goes to them every walk, twice per day. I don't even call her anymore. I let her do whatever she does and know she will eventually start sprinting toward us to get caught up.

The return home was going pretty well until Heidi heard a woodpecker. That stopped all of them for a short time ... and then Sadie and Stella decided they would go back to the scene of the crime yesterday and see if that deer showed up.

With the temps down to 71° and a forecast of cloudy we will get a break from the hot sunny weather that I like so much. I need to find a maid ... I'm losing interest again in those housekeeping activities that come with being single.

I have tried something different on my photos. I do all my editing in the program that Apple changed in may 2015 from iPhoto to Photos. Sharpness has always been my complaint since that that change. Yet they look great on my Wordpress blog and on my Flickr account.

I found it last year but haven't really used it until the photos yesterday and today. Let me know if you notice any difference in the quality of the photos on this blog. I had to add a 'sharpness' to the 'adjustments' edit icon. I quit using the 'enhance' adjustment unless the photo is too dark. I never liked that bright green grass ... it looks normal now.

It's another rough day in retirement here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana ... the pace is a killer.


  1. YES, that looks like an allergic reaction to ' something ', could be allegy to weeds, plants ( called contact dermatitis ) or could be allergies to something she ate. Did she change diet ? It would be good to keep her off grass, wash the areas with CASTILE SOAP & rinse well then apply A&D OINTMENT, U can buy it over the counter. Hope poor baby gets & feels better soon.

    1. This is nothing new. I've documented the past years with photos, food changes, vet visits, vet treatments .. look in the label section on the right .. "Heidi's ... " The ointment on the way in the mail to me is anti-fungus and anti-bacteria. They have had good results using it in combat zones with dogs in the armed forces. I guess all the other ointments I've used in the past 18 months have been mostly moisturizers with zinc oxide. Thanks for commenting and visiting the blog .. hope you return to watch her improvement.

  2. I love these posts about your dogs. For some reason they just make me smile. Thank you.

    The photos are beautiful. I am a iphoto user too. Sometimes I get carried away with the "green" but it seems to fit my eye. Strange but true.

    1. Thanks. Over the 5+years, the hounds have become the main attraction. It started with my RV research etc. I tried talking about retirement a little but that went know where but the few photos of the hounds started becoming popular and people requested to see more. I guess now I am little addicted to it and am having to post twice not only to fit 50 photos or more per day but it just feels right to post twice per day. A few weeks ago I didn't post because I had writers block. Interesting.

      Yes I catch myself laughing at least once per day from something one of the hounds has done. Thanks for commenting.