Sunday, April 24, 2016

Heidi's Skin Is Improving

It turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday. All 3 hounds had a relaxed walk, the temps were perfect and I got a lot done.

I was so busy I didn't make it back to the blog late yesterday but did take the trip in the car I had an urge to take ... not what you expected.

Before I start, those are all yellow weeds I am told but they are great looking yellow weeds. I left two of them standing while I cut weeds near the bank after mowing. Last May I walked over to that field to take more photos of them before they were plowed under for planting. I think the horse trailer that is parked there this year adds a little touch to the photo.

After seeing the changes in Heidi's skin Friday and early Saturday morning I decided to give Heidi's skin a day off from the ointment. It was red and inflamed. Her stomach was reacting in some way that concerned me. I wanted to see if it would be red and inflamed without it. I was also going to find out if the grass had anything to do with her skin reactions because Heidi wanted to go on the walk yesterday.

I could tell early on by her pace and amount of exploring that she would not make the walk with us. I would let her lag back into her own little world. She did just that and enjoyed the time it seemed, just to be exploring the area around here.

Sadie and Stella were not their normal energetic selves either. They walked most of the way, never ran and didn't not go to their normal areas.

Heidi was pretty far back in this photo but my 200mm setting finally worked. It has not been working must past 135mm most of the time recently.

You can tell that the bloodhounds were not too excited ... a general checking the areas. The most excitement was on the way back where Sadie saw Heidi but didn't know what she was. Sadie took off running and Stella approached cautiously because she was a little spooked not knowing.

They were wagging their tails once they realized who it was.

Needless to say, it was a slow walk back home for the hounds. At least their tails were up but you can see that Stella is walking slower than slow.

A little after 1pm I took this photo of Heidi. Remember the last dose of WWO was the prior afternoon. Those dark spots are coloring caused by the ointment. I am seeing improvement and not because there is no redness.

The spots are not inflamed. I can see where the skin on her chest and neck are drying out, flaking off like dead skin. So today I will be applying multiple doses throughout the day and night. I am going to give her a bath this afternoon to clean off the dead skin.

By this time of day I still had not taken that drive to somewhere I had spoke of early Saturday morning. I couldn't make up my mind where I wanted to go ... so I didn't go anywhere. I had the urge to enjoy the day outside and pick up the remaining tree limbs blown down by the last storm. The grass was dry enough to mow ... and with all the rain in the previous days ... the grass was really tall. I can tell the seeding I did last year has made a difference this spring ... more grass, less weeds in the front and back yards.

So where did the hounds and I go for a drive??? No further than the local Dairy Queen downtown for a large Hawaiian Blizzard ... a great treat after the workout of mowing up and down that hill in front.

After spending more time outside to enjoy the afternoon, cleaning up and having dinner, it was already past 7:30 pm. I got involved with two games on tv. I had the Reds/Cubs game on one channel and then at 8pm turned it on to the Chicago Blackhawks hockey game. For the next few hours I rotated back and forth between games during the period breaks in the hockey game.

The hounds snored through both games and not much was done afterwords. The yard mowing is a good workout. It always puts me to bed before midnight which is rare for me. The mower is only a push mower and since I like mowing the front in different directions each time, two out of three trips will be pushing that mower up that hill in front.

I can tell it's going to be another beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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