Friday, April 08, 2016

Hound Photos From The Missing Week

I took off a little over a week from blogging on this blog. It was one of those periods that all bloggers go through and what I have gone through a few times over these 5+ years. Even though the hounds knew they were no longer 'blog stars', they still went through their normal routines. Not all days in 'the tropics' were sunny and warm, but those days seem to have the best photos. A few walks were taken without a camera.

Stella enjoying the breeze from the west. She would love it if I would let her turn right so she could explore in the "no fly zone".

When it started raining that meant more time inside the house. As you can see, Stella and Sadie were not interested in my games of Mahjong that I was playing a few feet away. Stella is actually sleeping that way next to her bone.

As usual, every day the field gives the hounds new scents to lock into and chase. Most of the time Stella came when called but there were a couple of times I had to pull out the 6' leash from my pocket as a little reminder.

This is where both of them were letting me know that it was time to go for a 2nd walk in the late afternoon as you can tell by the shadows. They are now addicted to two meals per day and two walks per day. If they don't get their walks in ... they get grumpy.

We had a 2nd deer chase but luckily I saw the deer before Sadie and Stella did. They took off after them but stopped and came back when I called them.

It's mid-day in this photo but both hounds seem to be tracking yard moles. I have one mole track but not in this part of the yard. I guess I need to tell them they will have better chance of catching them at 7am and 7pm. On second thought, I'd rather them not catch the moles. I'd rather put up with the mole tunnels instead of the trenches the hounds would dig in the yard.

Stella loves to run any chance she gets. The 2nd photo shows Sadie is jogging a little in hopes of losing a few pounds this summer.

A few days ago strong winds were picking up from the SW. Stella always likes to go outside and face the incoming wind. She would sit there for hours if I didn't call her to come inside.

I always wonder just what they can see. I know it's not all scent because they will react to my hand signals at times when a word is not spoken.

Well I think I have the blog rebuilt now. I have a few more blogs to track down on the internet to add to the blogroll but I think I have found most of them that were listed.

With some readers getting snow in their location I guess I shouldn't complain about temperatures being on the cool side here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

Where's Heidi? Is she okay? .... Yes, she is okay and she is in her normal hibernation until warmer temps show up.

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