Friday, April 08, 2016

Hounds Burn Off Cabin Fever

With it staying cold all day and overcast most of the afternoon I didn't leave the computer much at all. Weather outside was not the only reason.

While loading blogs to my blog list I ran into a blog that looked interesting, had great photos and advertised it as a blog that documented their process of selling it all and hitting the road full-time. That sounded very familiar and about the same period of time I looked at it those same ideas but ended up with a different decision.

So since it was freezing outside, I made a couple of more cups of coffee, clicked on the On The Road Abode blog, dropped their archives down to their first post and then proceeded to spend the afternoon reading from the start. For any readers that are thinking about the RV lifestyle, that blog was a perfect example of the process and how important it is to have a plan and follow that plan. It is well written and covers all their experiences ... good and bad.

During this time there were still breaks for eating lunch, letting the hounds out, letting Heidi out a 2nd time and then the bloodhounds out later in the afternoon. While they were out in the field snooping around, I took a couple of photos and was about to call them to come inside ... when Stella decided it was time to play. Running and wrestling was sure to burn off some cabin fever.

They started then stopped. That is their normal procedure. Then ... the match was on. One thing to remember while looking at these photos ... they play rough at times but in the 7 months I've had Stella, neither hound has growled, tried biting the other or starting a fight when playing this way ... they just play, stop immediately in the end ... and walk back inside the house.

Five minutes after they came inside they were sound asleep for their short late afternoon nap, while I continued to read about Bill & Jodee's RV lifestyle.

With the 43° and feels like 35°, I'm going to stay inside and watch the Cincinnati Reds game. I'd normally feel sorry for them playing baseball in that cold of weather but when the average salary per player on the 25 man roster is $3,000,000 ... I doubt they feel how cold it is.  LOL

I couldn't resist, I had to look at the 10 day forecast ... it will be in the 70's in 5 more days but who's counting.

It's the weekend here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana but when you are retired every day is the weekend ... love it.


  1. Some great photos of the hounds.

    1. Thanks, I was happy to catch as many of the photos as I did, they did a lot more running during this time also.

  2. Dandy photos of the hounds!! A lot of dog flesh and long ears flopping around!!
    Don in Okla.