Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's A Good Hound Day Today

As you can see another great day with cool temps and sunshine. The sunshine and clear skies is what does it. I am not a dark and gloomy weather type of person ... I need sunshine.

I was going to try something different today, go back to one blog post late afternoon or early evening. As long time blog readers know I change my mind a lot so we will see how long that takes place. It didn't last long ... lol.

That thought lasted no longer than the time it took to write this post and upload the photos. By the time I was almost finished writing this post I knew I was going to hit the publish button immediately.

I follow some bloggers that post weekly, or once a month, some post 5-6 times per day ... so I guess it's whatever the author feels.

It's was dead silence after we returned from our morning walk. I can hear my ears ringing ... is that a good thing? Although Sadie and Stella stood out in the field on their first trip outside, wanting to walk through the wet grass. I guess I may have to pick up some rubber shoes/boots to wear when there is heavy dew and start the morning walks at their request.

As you can see the daily activity never changes with them. Bloodhounds have the best nose in the business, up to 200x more powerful than a human nose and can track old scents up to two weeks old. Consequently the field gives their noses a good daily workout.

In the brush area just around the corner is a place I have to watch them. I don't mind them going into the brush but when they look like they want to go over the edge down into the gully, that is when I stop them. They usually come running.

Sadie decided to get a little jogging in ... she is trying to lose a few pounds this summer. I am starting to see a "waistline" for her, and I can feel some ribs, so that is good.

For some reason this morning they both seemed a little tired on the way home and followed our worn path back to the house. Within minutes inside the house they were both in a deep sleep. That will last until lunch.

It was two years ago tomorrow where I walked out of my office for the last time. I not only decided to retire on the 11th of April 2014, by giving them my resignation letter but after a day at work on the following Monday (14th) I decided taking vacation days up to my exit interview was better than working another 9 days just to get paid vacation days.

It was the best decision I've ever made.

I have enjoyed every day of it and have never tired of it. I thought I was financially prepared and I have found out two years later that I was. All of those thoughts in back of your mind wondering if you can live on a lot less income, proved to be just something to analyze.

Freedom is worth a lot more than making as much money as possible.

I know the hounds like it. They have a doorman to let them out throughout the day when they want instead of being shut up in a room for 9 hours while I worked. They get two walks per day instead of one in the late afternoon and their days are like a weekend.

I cannot nor will I advise someone what to do but I will say for me, a previous workaholic, deciding to retire was the best thing for me ... it's been great.

I think after these lazy hounds have eaten their lunch today, we will load up the FJ, take the camera and go for a little drive.

Great weather today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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