Saturday, April 09, 2016

Late But Still Time For A Walk

Saturday did not turn out as productive as I had planned ... doesn't matter since there is tomorrow. Some say that is not guaranteed but I've been a procrastinator long enough to know that my chances are good.

As usual Heidi made it outside for a short time after their lunch. Her tail was up and wagging as she searched the area but every time I look at those rear hocks I can't help but think those have to be sore. Last month at the vet's I asked that question and was assured they were fine ... after some squeezing, rubbing, inspecting by the vet.

I have to remind myself at time that Heidi's blood work on March 5th was perfect, all systems were operating normal ... 

What you see in those last three photos were the extent of the afternoon. I did some research on online selling. The urge to go back into that type of work hits me at times. All of my suppliers are there waiting for my return. It might happen.

Then I watched a little baseball on tv, had some lunch and then I decided instead of hound maintenance ... a siesta was a much better option. I just didn't plan on that to last all afternoon on a beautiful day. By the time I woke the hounds, it was already past 6pm. The pace of retirement is really rough sometimes.

Sadie not only gave me the look and hopping up and down to go outside but the weather was so nice, but cool, for an early evening hound walk. The lighting for the camera was much better this time of day ... almost 7:30pm.

By the intensity of Sadie and Stella's nose activity I was sure that deer was up ahead and mentally prepared myself for them running off. As they turned the corner on the run I was sure of it.

After they were so far ahead of me I yelled to "come here" and surprise surprise ... they both came sprinting.

After that I kept talking to them to stay close. I didn't feel like having to wait for them on this walk. They did most of the time but even toward the end there is always something they find too interesting to pass up.

Heidi is given the offer to go outside each time Sadie and Stella go out. She is also asked to go on the walk but would rather stay wrapped up in her stack of blankets. I think the warmer temps this time next week will lead her outside more often.

Not much on the agenda tonight ... maybe a movie from my collection or on Directv, I will definitely be starting a new book but haven't decided which one yet and it looks like as I post this, it is going to be a very nice sunset tonight for photos. I'll post them tomorrow or put them over on my Wordpress blog tonight.

A slow but good Saturday here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Just love seeing the hounds in the tall grass. Tessa misses grass!!

    1. That grass will be tall enough to bale hay by July. A local farmer will bale it at least once per year, sometimes twice in the summer. This is the first time in a while where I see 99% grass and very little weeds. It is green this time of year ... it's nice. The hounds love that field, and gives their noses plenty of exercise.