Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Local Tornado - No Damage Here

It was not until I had some emails, messages on Facebook and a few texts from readers of this blog and friends, asking if we were okay ... did I even know there was a tornado in the local area.

The best I can estimate, it was 6-7 miles away from the hounds and I.

One thing to remember though, when you see the word "tornado" do not picture the F4's or F5' that level small towns in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama etc. In this area they are more like straight line winds where a funnel cloud has touched the ground and called a tornado by the National Weather Service.

As I mentioned in my last post last night, the weatherman predicted thunderstorms that were not going to be severe. Right before those storms started, Stella started pacing and panting. I was told when I got her that thunder freaked her out ... I have yet to see that. She whined a little but ended up laying down beside Sadie.

It wasn't a real intense storm like I have seen in the past. In fact during the storm I was texting with some out of state friends. The screen windows had been slid up and the storm windows slid down in time. We did not even have hard rains where I was at.

I was following's weather radar and most of the ugly dark red was north of my town heading east. That is the same location that weather stations said that the confirmed funnel cloud on the ground took place.

I did hear the siren in town two miles away. Checking news and newspapers this morning it didn't look like there was much damage. A few really old barns or out buildings were damaged, some downed trees and power lines but nothing major.

This was the extent of our damage here at the house. Sadie and Stella did their morning yard inspection to make sure.

There were more thunderstorms predicted overnight but if there were I slept through them. It must have rained a lot because this morning Stella would not go in the field although she needed to so she could do her normal morning tank dump. She never poops in the yard.

She eventually took TWO steps in the field to get her job done.

She thought it might be easier to enter the field from a different angle. That proved to be just as wet as the other place so she studied it, thought about it and then came trotting toward the house.

Sadie? Heidi?

Heidi never gets out of bed until lunch after her first early morning trip outside. Sadie sat next to me with her staring me down and letting me know she wants to walk ... wet field and all ... not going to happen.

There is always quiet and fresh clean air after a storm.

All the hounds are in the deep sleep mode which is normal this time of day. The only crisis we have here today is that Sadie has decided the water bowl is hers and she will sleep next to it and keep Stella and Heidi away from it. She never growls but that stare down at them seems to work.

The birds are singing this morning in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Holy cow, that would freak me out. We've never been anywhere were tornados happen. I kinda want to keep it that way. Tornados and rv''s don't mix.

    1. I'v been here 19 years and have had a few close calls. There was only one time I was really concerned in June 2008. That ended up being straight line winds that pulled 100' trees out of my yard and bank like they were weeds. That is one reason I like the west, no tornados, yet those winds get up in the 60's in Wyoming, Arizona at times.

  2. Glad you're safe. Mother nature can get scary at times.

    1. Yes it can. A couple of month window for that type of weather.