Monday, April 11, 2016

Non Stop Rain

It started raining again last night after the afternoon storms ... it has not stopped since. Consequently the hounds have not been really enthused about their outdoor explorations.

Heidi did her immediate right to stay under the roof overhang and behind the yews. Sadie and Stella stopped to analyze the situation with rain coming down that the camera didn't pick up. Stella couldn't go under overhang in back like she normally does because that is flooded. Sadie ... didn't matter, out to the yard she went.

When the rain puddles in this one spot that means my gutter system is over worked, even with a clean route to the downspouts and nothing blocking the downspout entrance. It will come right over the edge of the gutter.

Another sure sign my 6" dia, corex underground drainage system is over capacity ... it runs parallel to the house, away from the house along the edge of the driveway and over the embankment underground, left to right.

As I turned the corner it was confirmed we have had a lot of rain. My drainage system runs along that edge between the river rock and grass. Yet this is not even close to the worse amount of rain I have seen here.

The record was having a 'river' running down the driveway, the culvert filled and overflowing across the highway. The fields across the highway were completely under water with some parts of the highway flooded out and one lane closed.

The  forecast is for rain the rest of the day and tonight. Some time around 10pm it is suppose to end and then bring us 7 straight days of sunshine and temps getting as high as 76° ... but that can change in a split-second in Indiana.

It's a wet one today in 'the tropics" of Southern Indiana.

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