Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Afternoon Was Cancelled

For some unknown reason our afternoon was cancelled. Had some of that NexGard gotten into my food supply and I was starting to feel some of the possible side effects? I am noticing Stella being a little lethargic after 24 hours since her first/last bite of the tick repellent ... maybe me also.

Or was it that trip through the Dairy Queen drive-thru for lunch that did it?

The hounds are becoming quite popular at the Dairy Queen. To keep them from getting their own ice cream addiction, they can look at my large Blizzard but don't touch. While waiting for my small order, Stella hopped into the front passenger seat, sat up straight with that same pose from this morning's photo ... where she wanted something.

I think about every girl behind the counter came over to the window to be introduced. Sadie shocked them by popping her head out the driver window just behind my head. Maybe we can work their popularity into some discounted prices this summer ... although I doubt that will happen.

We all felt like Stella did ... so why fight it ... I head to bed for a nice afternoon siesta with a gentle breeze blowing through the windows, to prepare for the thunderstorms later tonight. Stella will require a babysitter during those.

While we slept the farmer worked ... all my favorite "yellow weeds" were plowed under before we could come back to reality. He must have known it was raining tonight and not later this week.

I better get this posted. I hear thunder and the radar on intellicast.com doesn't look nice west of us. The weatherman is now changing his tune to thunderstorms "but not severe" ... I'll take that as we should expect loss of electrical power, loss of internet satellite signal and take cover.

Stella isn't a fan of thunder so tonight should be fun with her.

It cannot be sunny all the time here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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