Friday, April 22, 2016

The Hounds Cruise Through A Lazy Friday

Stella heard thunder last night and became a little nervous but did not really go crazy. Paced a little but not much. I was told when I got her that she was afraid of thunder. Sadie did nothing but lay down and sleep as did Heidi.

It wasn't too long this morning before the skies turned dark and rolls of thunder were being heard. I had to look at the weather sites to see that it was suppose to be a day of thunderstorms. By noon the sun was trying to come out through the clouds. Needless to say, there has not been a lot of activity her in 'the tropics' so far today.

Heidi's skin looked good this morning as I applied the 4th dose of Wounded Warrior Ointment. All of the redness was gone on shoulders, her legs, insides of her rear feet and armpits. It's hard to tell because of her skin folds but it did look like there was not any inflammation.

Heidi came outside after her lunch. I thought I saw some skin improvement first thing this morning. By noon I wasn't so sure when I looked at her. Then I look at this photo and see a lot of the redness is gone on her rear legs and stomach. She still continues to chew small spots on the edge of her rear shoulder.

While Heidi headed to the front yard, Sadie was chest deep in wet grass. Stella didn't leave the driveway and just stood looking at me as if to ask what now? I thought of taking the walk but 10' into the field I see standing water. If it is that bad at lower elevation it gets worse as we get further away and a little higher.

Once Sadie found out the walk was temporarily called off until later this afternoon ... but that would take some strong sun to help dry out the ground ... she didn't get too far and did a little posting for the camera.

For the first time in a long time my 55-200mm zoom actually worked at the setting of 200mm. It had only been working at 135mm for the past month. I keep having to turn the ring counter clockwise to move the lens back to the original position when set at 55mm. A new 55-300mm Nikkor lens is sounding better all the time.

Temps are rising, sun is trying to come out and those big rain clouds are slowly moving east.

Bloodhounds are a great breed ... but I think it takes a special person to own one. They have a couple of things that other breeds don't have and one of those is drool. Some hounds drool more than others. In this case Stella's is hanging lower than I have seen in a while. It's as strong as that Gorilla glue you see advertised but can be wiped away easy with a Bounty paper towel.

Well back to my addiction of the day ... Mahjong. I am still attempting to get those last few games below 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I justify it by being retired, plus it keeps my hand and eye coordination in good shape.

It's a quiet Friday in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. That picture of Stella drooling reminds me of my son’s black lab, Annie, who drooled worse than that, but the only time she did it was when were at the table eating. I guess drooling was her way of begging because she never made a sound but sat there looking at you with her pitiful eyes, with drool streaming down both sides of her mouth.

    Looking back at your picture of Heidi on her leash yesterday, I do think her skin looks better today and seems pinker rather than as red and irritated as yesterday.

    1. So, did she get the food? lol

      Well tonight her skin looks worse. I wonder at times if it is the blankets she lays on. Last week I put all the wool blankets in closet and used the fleece. I just finished looking at her skin photos that I have in a different folder with dates and the times I take the photo in the title ... I've been doing the times just since I've started this ointment. Her skin is going back and forth depending on the time of day like it always does. It's still early.

  2. Sorry to backtrack here, but I wanted to answer your question about the drooling lab. I think part of the reason she did this is because my two boys had a way of dropping pieces of food on the table that they did not like and then ‘accidentally’ knocking it on the floor. This dog would eat almost anything, so ‘yes’ she ended up getting lots of little treats.

    1. Growing up we had a black lab mix that liked to do that. I'm not sure he liked the broccoli we gave him. :)

    2. This lab would eat almost anything, broccoli included. If my boys accidentally brushed something on the floor, I think she ‘liked’ it just because they did. :)