Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Hounds Enjoy the Change In Weather

The day was flying by and when I glanced at the clock it was already close to 4pm. While the water was rising south of me and beginning to flood the nearest field, the sun was out and it looked like we were at 60° using the carport thermometer. It felt warm ... so we started the 2nd walk of the day.

Before the walk, just after their lunch I fixed this section of fence again, didn't take along and should last until the next 40mph wind.

Looks almost like fall in this photo. I like how the red metal roof stands out in the background.

It was a great day to walk. Warm, no wind, the ground was still slightly soggy and became wetter the higher we climbed. The field has gradual elevation toward the back, then levels out at the fence line.

Sadie did take off over the edge toward the gully for the first time but turned around quickly when I yelled 'no'. If I let them go into the gully, most likely they would come back but that one chance that they didn't then puts them in range of a busy country road this time of day with people coming home from work. Also the smells of the landscaping business would lead them near the highway ... a disaster for a loose hound. So it's best to keep them on this side.

They both stay way behind and by the time I turned around to take a photo they had ran all the way back to me, then took off for exploring new ground.

Other than that the afternoon was pretty uneventful. All the hounds slept, I read blogs and articles on the internet, sat outside to enjoy the sunshine, had an apple and went into my thinking mode ... that's always a dangerous thing for me. It's days like today that remind me of Winston taking a nap in the sun, either in the yard or on the warm concrete.

A beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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