Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Hounds Love Hot Weather

After some lunch the hounds decided it felt nice enough to spend a little time outside this afternoon. By 12:30pm, the old thermometer in carport was a tad above 85°. There are ten acres to roam and a yard to lay in ... but Stella decided he could move me from "her" spot by laying partially on my feet. I did move but only to take the photo.

Heidi came outside on what I like to call 'on her own' .. no calling her name, no begging and no food bribery. She just walked outside with the other hounds ... sniffed around and found a comfortable spot. In the 4 years I've had her I have never see her lay there.

It didn't take Stella long to be lights out under the hot sun.

Sadie as usual didn't lay down, wasn't interested in laying down and had the usual look on her face of "what's next". She has been that way for 8 years next month.

By this time Heidi decided the gravel was too hot and moved to a grassy area. Stella moved to the cooler gravel and fell into such a deep sleep she stretched out while I baked my face and head under the sun to start the summer tan.

Sadie was about to lay down but Heidi caught her attention so her nap was called off. By this time I can feel that it's getting hotter and I can also tell that Sadie wants to go inside.

For her 3rd move, Stella decided that grass wasn't a bad idea afterall she found a good spot, thought about it a little, heard a long line of Harley's drive past and then laid down to continue her Sunday afternoon napping.

It was too hot for the hounds after an hour in the sun ... they thought they loved hot weather but forgot just how hot it can get here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana. I hope it's like this all summer, I love hot hot hot weather.

While it was shaded and cool inside, they took their normal siestas, while I watched a little bit of the Reds/Cardinal game, some of the IU/Iowa game, the end of the F1 race and all of the IndyCar race in Long Beach Calif.

With 8 laps to go Sadie was anxious to get in the afternoon walk. We watched the end of the race before leaving. The bloodhounds were out the door just like that, Heidi stayed on the big chair in the living room not showing much enthusiasm. Once I connected the leash to her collar, she sprinted to the door, and out into the field. I took off the leash and tossed it back into the yard.

As you can tell they are anxious to get started.

Heidi started to lead just like this morning but it wasn't long after a lot of stops like the one in the 2nd photo, she fell pretty far behind and was walking too slow for me to follow. Still she didn't want to be left behind.

Of coarse while I am trying to keep up with Heidi, the bloodhounds went way out in front and Sadie kept wondering what was wrong with us. This IS the daily walk isn't it ... and not a crawl??

They let us catch up to them and then took off on their own path. They didn't drift far away though this afternoon .. stayed pretty close.

A farmer's day is never done. He has been going at it since 7am and by the time I took this photo it was close to a 11-1/2 hour day.

Once we turned the corner to head home, Heidi figured out the faster she set the pace the faster she could get back into that chair for a nap. She led most of the way and anytime a bloodhound would overtake her, she would move to get the lead back again.

The heat must have zapped them today because all three were walking pretty slow back to the house. They were so close that it was not possible to fit them in the photo using my 55-200mm lens until I let them get a few feet ahead of me.

As I walked into the yard and leaned over to pick up the retractable leash I had tossed, there were 4 ticks out in the open crawling on my legs. Easy to take off since they had not attached themselves yet. They are out in force so far this spring ... warm winter???  I take off 4-5 after every walk these past few days.

None of them were embedded in the hounds but crawling on their hair ... each of the hounds have one and I have moved out into an insurmountable lead for 2016. Yet, I'd rather take them off me than them.

It feels like a summer night here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana ... minus the humidity.


  1. Nice to see Heidi out and about. Mabe the sun is good for her skin, too bad about the ticks. (Kelly)

    1. You would think that the sun would help any skin issues and it would seem she would like laying in the sun with her stomach and armpits exposed for the sun to do it's thing but she never does. My friend just told me she mailed the Wounded Warrior Ointment this morning so I should have it by Wednesday ... why I feel hopeful about that is because it is anti fungus and anti bacterial properties.

      I was told Saturday that the ticks this season could be or will be the worst ever. So far in the past few days I think that is probably correct. They are relentless.

  2. Love to see Heidi in charge of the pack. What are the hounds taking for ticks?

    1. A good diet to prevent ticks. I stopped using any chemicals on them for flea or tick prevention and have had LESS ticks since I stopped. I use a small tool called "ticked off" .. a little white spoon type of tool that pulls the ticks out if I find them attached.

      With Heidi I am very reluctant in giving her any shots but she did get a rabies shot on March 5th.