Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Photos ARE Blurry!

Mark over at Box Canyon brought up something today that I have been mentioned a few times over the past few months. That being, the photos on the blog look blurry. His and mine, being specific to Blogger. One thing I did NOT notice though until he mentioned it, was when I click the photo to see it in Blogger's slide show software, the photos look as sharp as they use to. Click on one or all of the photos and see if you can tell a difference.

I even mentioned this in January when I moved the blog to Wordpress. From the first photo I posted there I could tell just how sharp it was compared to my old blog on blogger, some readers agreed seeing the difference.

Here I was about to buy a new lens thinking mine was messed up. When Apple changed their photo program last year from iPhoto to Photos, evidently is when something happened to the clarity of the photos downloaded to the computer. Even then I could tell a slight difference in sharpness from a photo on iPhoto and the same in Apples recent Photos program that replaced iPhoto.

I can tell a difference when I view those same photos on my Flickr account.

At least it is good to know it was not my eyes, nor my camera lens ... still it's sad with today's technology that something like that takes place after spending a lot of money for computers.

Right after lunch we went outside and spent most of the afternoon outside it was just that nice. Heidi is back to having some skin issues on her rear hocks, bare raw skin. She is headed for a soak in Epsom Salts right after I write this, which was around 6pm.

We did a late afternoon walk where I didn't say many words and just let Sadie and Stella do what they wanted. They both got a lot of running in during that time.

Here you can see both of them starting their sprint. They ran has fast as they could, up to the point where the deer usually hop the fence and take off through the corn field in back.

Stella started to dash into the 'no fly zone' but after a few minutes of observing and probably wishful thinking on her part, she came running with Sadie.

Sadie getting some good exercise that she needs to lose a few pounds.

Yes ... they were both asleep within minutes of going back inside. We took a little drive after lunch, taking the first older country road I had never been on and it eventually turned back to the highway. The places I wanted to take photos had no place I could pull off the road. With a 1.5 lane road, with deep ditches on each side and a lot of hills I didn't want to take the chance of stopping in the middle of the road, only to cause an accident.

This kind of weather is perfect in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. you sure have a nice big yard for your big dogs to run. I like the pictures of them running back to you with their ears in the air.

    1. Yes it's a great area, and one thing that has kept me here. Actually my property line is only to where the mowing stops. My neighbor a couple of houses down bought the field a couple of years ago and he has a local farmer that bales the field one or two times per summer. Last summer it was only one time.

      You can count on hounds ears flapping anytime they run, Heidi included. They are designed to be that long so when their nose is to the ground on a scent, the ears fold in such a way it keeps the scent in front of their nose. Yes, that is a fact.

      If my memory is right, you gave me "a ration ... " last January when I kept moving my blog and that you were done following the blog. If that is correct, I am surprised to see you back. I guess Blogger does not work as it should.