Monday, April 11, 2016

The Sunshine Returns

Like I said earlier this morning, the weather in Indiana can change in a split second, so the weather men/women have a tough job.

Consequently after going out a few times this afternoon and mostly under a real light rain, by 4:30 the skies were on the way to clearing up. Sun was trying to shine in the NW. The temps were nice, all of the water that I had surrounding the house this morning was gone. Everything is growing fast and is really green.

Checking out the wunderground site for my local weather, no rain is noted for the next 7 days ... so the rain moved out of the area about 6 hours early. One of our first trips out right after lunch, Stella and Sadie thought it was okay to go for a walk, as they stood there in a light sprinkle of rain. They like four things a LOT ... food - sleep - daily walks - rides in the FJ.

By 4:30pm they wanted to check out the ground for me, although I thought I heard their paws squishing in soft wet ground as they checked out their field. I could tell how wet it was by the way they tiptoed in certain spots.

Sadie wanted to ask me again for a walk but we never go when the ground is really saturated. Snow yes, rain no.

She is persistent ... this is the same look she gives Heidi when she finds her in the big chair in the living room. Sometimes Heidi ignores her, curls up and sleeps, other times Heidi feels the visual pressure to get off the chair and does, heads for the bedroom to sleep in there.

Stella wanted to give it one last chance to go on the walk ... giving me the okay sign. That look right there is one of her begging looks ... please, please, please.

They finally realized the walk was called for today. I expect it will be nice enough tomorrow to two different walks.

My friend in Chicago has kept me informed throughout today about the weather up there. We both want to see the Cubs/Reds game tonight in Chicago. Although she lives much closer to Wrigley field than I do ... we will both be watching the game on tv.

I've spent most of the day reading, reading and reading. The urge to return to an online sales business has been getting stronger and stronger. So I've had to read a lot of information to catch up on any changes in procedures, look at new sources and talk to my teacher from 2005 who has been in online sales since 1999. We have talked on a regular basis even when I was out of the business.

No decision has been made, just doing some research.

I was also looking around on Flickr today. I follow just 3 people but one feature on that program with any photo that is available for the public ... you can see what camera they used, click on that camera link and then see every public photo on Flickr taken with that specific camera. Pretty interesting to see the graph in the upper right hand corner showing how many photos were taken by that camera and uploaded into Flickr for the year.

I saw that the Nikon D3200 had a large decrease curve in the number of photos taken. I wonder if that is because other users were/have the same issues I've had with mine? Or is it because less photos were uploaded into the Flickr program?

It's been a good day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Glad to see that you and the hounds are back. I don't know why, but the new posts didn't come through on my feed. I noticed that you had updated over on Al's site (side bar). I reset my feed, and looks like things are coming through okay now.

    1. I think the feed started having problems when I changed the domain back to the free blogger domain. I added a new feed and then edited the old feed for those that had already signed up. When I added my email address as a subscriber it did work.....BUT..... I am getting notifications almost 12 hours AFTER I post.

      If you had a free Feedly account, you can add as many domains as you want and get instant updates...but you have to open your account to see those updates.