Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Deer Chase #4 In 2016

Sorry I'm a little late tonight posting this but I was busying doing other things after our early afternoon walk today.

Right after lunch it looked like rain but like I said in my first post this morning I was wanting to get my yard mowed before it rained. I also wanted to get in a walk for the hounds before it rain. The skies looked like rain was near but the radar did not show rain within a 1,000 miles of us. Doesn't that photo look like rain?

Right from the start both Sadie and Stella were locked in on something. It was more intense than their normal activity. I made sure my camera was ready and hoping it would work all the time. It does have it's moments of not cooperating.

Out of nowhere Stella takes off sprinting but I don't see anything on the horizon. Sadie was soon to follow her and before I knew it they were both around the corner and out of sight. I figured they were gone.

Then in somewhat of a confused state they both came back but were facing the woods across the field to the left where the deer was a couple of weeks ago. I am looking at the woods, the horizon and see nothing but the hounds were definitely agitated. There is definitely something they are smelling.

Before I could even catch up to them, they turned around and took off again. Just as I turned the corner there they were but there activity seemed normal. I looked at the the back of the field just in case there were deer there. I was in for a surprise.

As I reach where the hounds are, they are doing nothing out of the norm ... I glance up at the gully and out jumps a pretty good size deer ... probably the biggest I have seen yet this year.

The 4th deer chase of the year was on!!!


Stella instantly started baying and sprinting after it although way behind. Sadie for some reason did not know yet what was going on and didn't start running until Stella was away.

The deer kicks it into a higher gear and extends her lead over Stella.

Sadie is just to the right of that photo up above running as fast as she can. She was never close to the deer but her and Stella were close as they went over the hill towards the power tower.

I'd been walking on the path the whole time and not running. It would not have done any good to run after them. I knew most likely I may have to go find them for the first time this year. Glancing at the horizon I don't see them anywhere. I continue to walk, not running.

About the time I start walking straight toward the tower I catch both hounds off to the left and fairly close. I was really happy that they had not jumped the small wire fence that is in those trees. Once again like all the other deer chases, when I called their names, they came running ... proud of what they had accomplished.

They must have thought the deer might come back for them as they kept stopping and looking back in that direction, while on the way home.

They acted pretty proud again of what they had done.

Still after a nice after lunch run - it was time for the afternoon water and siesta.

I posted just a few of the deer chase photos on my Facebook page today. I was fortunate to find Stella's original owner on Facebook sometime in April. She is thrilled that she can see how Stella is doing. It was out of her control that she had to give Stella up ... but she told me something tonight that I suspected, but didn't know.

She said that chasing deer was one of Stella's favorite hobbies. When I asked if she had ever ran away, she said that Stella always came back yet her mom was gone for over two weeks before she returned home after one deer chase.

It might be because of the three different homes Stella has had but she seems to be really attached to the house and will not take off when she has had the chance to ignore me calling her. In fact she likes to stay pretty close to me where ever I go. Some hounds would have taken off running no matter how loud you yelled.

Heidi took the day off from the ointment. Tonight her skin is still red and what I call out of control. She has chewed four spots raw. I am going to give her an Epsom Salt soak early Tuesday morning. I have no idea what set her skin off this time. It was looking better the majority of the day.

Could you tell the difference in the three photos of her rear leg and paw the other day?

Yes, my lawn was mowed under sunny skies with rain predicted Tuesday afternoon.

A good night here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2016

    More deer adventures for Sadie and Stella.....good pictures .

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoy them.

  2. I think it is amazing that Sadie and Stella come back when you call, especially when they can see the deer. Over the years, I have had many dogs and whenever they got on the scent of a deer, I just waited for them to come back home, because I knew they would ignore me completely if I called them. Luckily we lived on a gravel road and they were normally in the woods anyway.

    I am glad you mentioned a couple of posts ago that Stella has the bottom half of her tail coated with black hair. Now I can actually tell which one she is in quite a few of the pics.

    1. It surprises me also that they don't take off. I'm glad they don't though because if they did I'd have to leash them on all walks. With that highway so close it's never good for a loose hound running around.

      I thought when I bought the new orange collar for Stella that would help tell them apart but it's too close to the faded red one that Sadie wears. I thought of adding their names to the caption but I really don't like captions on my photos. Stella's body is also thinner than Sadie's :)

  3. On Heidi’s foot/leg pictures, not sure which is the best... there’s some shadowing on #1 and #3. #2 has the best lighting and the brown part of her leg fur looks to be filled in a little better than the others. On #1 the skin looks a little “crusty” but that could be the sign of hot spots healing.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I think you will find your answers as interesting as I did. The #3 was the only photo AFTER I started Wounded Warrior Ointment. The #1 that you thought could be signs of healing were taken MARCH 25th. The #2 photo that shows more hair filling in even better of the most recent photo was taken APRIL 16th. Now you can see why I find this very frustrating .... but thanks to your linked article yesterday, I see that frustration is normal in this type of skin condition.

  4. I think they are protecting their territory when they run and are happy to come back to you. They are certainly being good girls.

    1. Yes they are. I've had hounds in the past that would have turned to let me know they heard me call their name ... then turn around and take off. LOL Harry was a notorious wanderer at all hours of the night. He would go to neighbors patio doors and bark. He didn't know them and they didn't know him but they would let him inside their house. Im told he would walk over, lay down and take a nap.

      It makes sense if they are running to protect their territory and then they come back when they are sure things are fine.

    2. Love that story about Harry :))

    3. During our last months on Whidbey Island, I lived out by a spit near Deception Pass bridge. I'd let Harry outside at night late so he could dump his tanks and a lot of times he would not come back for an hour. But.....he started to come back with a smell of a fireplace. LOL

      That summer my landlord that lived in the house above my apt, was having some remodeling down. As Harry and I walked to my 4Runner, one of the construction guys yells ... "that's my dog" ... I find out that Harry had been going down the street to their house, barking, they would let him in and he would take a short nap by their fireplace, then get up and go to the door to be let out ... and come home.