Saturday, May 14, 2016

I Really Didn't Like The Bird Nest Block

The more I looked at that new piece of stainless steel over the thermometer, the less I liked it. I didn't even like it when I visualized it painted the same color as the wall. So to get a better idea I decided I'd sleep on it ... like a mid-afternoon siesta. (Can I say the word siesta and still be politically correct or is that offensive?) j/k?

The siesta didn't last longer than a hour or so because I was restless ... a sure sign that something was going to happen and it was going to happen today ... whatever it was.

I had my answer!!!  Turning my email on I see a reader named Cat M has made a comment ".... just probably taken the thermometer down ...".

Why didn't I think of that? I guess that is one disadvantage in being single, you never get the 2nd opinion that might be a good idea. The hounds try but they are really only interested in food, sleep and walks. I looked at the official temps online ... 57°. That is warm enough to paint. The breeze will dry the paint even faster ... but I got to move.

The cost of that sheet metal was a little more than the large Dairy Queen Blizzard I would have bought today, plus you never know when you might need it again to ... block a bird nest project.

Taking out the two screws on the bottom brackets that were hidden under 30 years of different paint jobs, were actually easy and the thermometer lifted up and over the screw at the top.

I plugged the screw holes with some exterior caulk, took a putty knife to take off the rough edges of worn paint. I found some sand paper in my drawer of paint supplies and sanded the surface down to a fine smooth painting surface. It was time for the primer.

I needed to let this dry so by the time I cleaned the paint brush, put my tools away along with the brand new bent sheet metal ... Stella decided she would help me with the drying process. You may be wondering how would she do that???

Well let's sneak off out of sight and refuse to come when I am called ... for starters. Sadie and I looked everywhere. I walked out into the field next to me and down to the drainage ditch she visited months ago ... it had overgrown and she wasn't there.

I picked up a tree limb and was walking to the burn pile while calling her name. I don't see her next door, nor in the field anywhere. Sadie and I will follow the dog walk path hoping to find her on the way. But ......

Just as I turned from the burn pile I see Stella standing at the kitchen door looking inside. I have no idea where she was. She wasn't out front when I checked but it was nice to see her at the door instead of out in the woods.

To celebrate .. the hounds and I took off for a walk.

Even with cool temps and a steady breeze, it was still a beautiful day. I liked how blue the sky was. I didn't edit the photo of the sky. I also liked the clouds today.

Sadie spends most of her time near me when walking lately. There are still scents in the air that interest her.

Stella decided she had better run since she was being left behind. Since she knew she was already on "double secret probation" from her disappearance, she ran a little faster today.

With all the green I thought the Voodoo Blue really stood out in this photo.

By the time we hunted for Stella, did a hound walk and put up the tools, the primer had dried for me to put a coat of house paint on the missing thermometer.

It's still drying when these were taken but I like the look of not having it on the wall. Thanks to Cat M for the suggestion.

Still drying and the camera needed part of the FJ to have something to focus on. With the weird reflections from the setting sun, it looks almost like I need to paint the whole wall again.

Quite a bit accomplished in 24 hours -- such is life in the world of retirement.

No snow but cold tonight in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. "like a mid-afternoon siesta. (Can I say the word siesta and still be politically correct or is that offensive?)"

    I'm not sure about it being politically correct but you take the chance of being called a racist spewing hate speech. An African-American/Black/Negro can use the 'N' word with impunity, even say ''Yo Barry! You did it, my nigga!'' when speaking to the President of the United States. But if you or I being White/Caucasian were to say it then it is racist hate speech.

    I think the word 'siesta' may be slipping into that same category. Perfectly acceptable words that we used in our childhood have now become hate speech. Other words have been co-opted and given a meaning/definition today that they never had before i.e. gay as a replacement for homosexual or queer. Not only has the word 'gay' been given new meaning but homosexual and queer have become hate speech and can be used only by those that are 'gay'.

    1. I am also finding the new definition of criminal changed to "justice involved individual interesting. The scumbag is going to push out all his changes these last 8 months in office. The Sec of Education sent a letter to all collages in the past couple of days asking for the change in the criminal definition. The pace is quickening at the Ministry of Propaganda to seal his legacy.

  2. I am sure you can say “siesta” as long as you don’t mention your sombrero! lol All this political correctness is BS as far as I’m concerned, but unfortunately you can’t seem to fight it or ignore it.

    Sorry to make you work yesterday, but it just seemed to me like the easiest way to take care of the nesting birds. Plus I didn’t care too much for the look of the block either. :)

  3. Removing the thermometer clearly works too, but now how are the hounds going to know whether they should don long-johns or speedo's when they go outside???

    OOMPH. . . Sorry, but the thought of me in a speedo just made me throw up in my mouth a little. . .

    And I'm not sure why the flap about siesta. It's just the Spanish word for the afternoon nap. When working in our office in Villahermosa Mexico we didn't head out for lunch until 1 or 2 then came back around 5 and put in a few more hours before heading off in the cool of the evening for dinner. The siesta was an official part of the day and had the added benefit of allowing parents a few hours in the afternoon to pick up their children from school and spend a few hours with them. A supremely sensible way to manage the day and life, especially in hot climates.

  4. Somehow I knew it wasn't going to last long :)

    Siestas are still the norm in Mexico as per Greg's explanation.